Story/Emergency 10-1 (Part2)/Script

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Persica: Oh? Have you come to your senses, kitten?
This is 16Lab, where you were born.
Now, let me inspect your neural cloud…
Hm… looks like… it’s functioning normally.

M4A1:Who… are you?

Persica: I’m Persicaria, your maker.

M4A1:Why... did you make me?

Persica: You will become the leader of the AR Team, and lead the best dolls that I have made.

Am I… a doll?

Persica: From now on, you are.
Now that you’ve recovered, you look even cuter than I remembered...
I hope you can give me… the answer that Lyco couldn’t give me...

...What kind of answer?

Persica: Well… it might be a bit too early to talk about that. How about meeting your new comrades first?

M16A1: M4A1, is it? I’m M16A1, a Tactical Doll like you.
Pleased to meet you. Looks like I’ll be following your orders from now on.

M4A1: Your… eye?

M16A1: Haha, did I scare you?
This eyepatch… well, it’s not that scary, just a reminder. Cool, right?

M4A1: Uh...

M16A1: Oh yeah, I’ve got a lot of operational experience. Feel free to ask me about anything you don’t know.
You can look me up too if you like drinking.


M4A1: This is… the first time I saw them…
My first… memory...

Youthful Female Voice: But not our first memory.
Come, M4A1, look this way.
Look at me...

M4A1: …
Meet at last...

Youthful Female Voice: Are you happy?
Or perhaps… still afraid?

M4A1: Should I be?

Youthful Female Voice: We’re enemies. You should be afraid.
But you’re not.

M4A1: I… I’m not afraid…
What… are we?


RO635: M4!
Don’t be fooled! Don’t let that voice lead you astray!


Youthful Female Voice: …

M4A1: Where are you going! Please wait!

[The girl runs away, leaving M4A1 in front of the mirror.]

M4A1: …
So this… is me?

RO635: You’ll be able to wake up soon, I just need a little more time!

M4A1: RO…?
RO, are you here!?

RO635: I told you, I’ll be back!
You can’t see me, but I know you’re here!

M4A1: Why… why don’t you leave this place… I’m already… like this...

RO635: This is our mission, M4A1, no matter what you are.

M4A1: But… I’ve only known you for a few hours...

RO635: But that was why I was made!
In order to save you at a time like this!

M4A1: That shouldn’t be the aim of your existence…
You’re worth less than than your will!

RO635: So what!?
At the very least, at this very moment, I’m happy, happy that I was able to meet you and this AR Team.

M4A1: You know it was all designed this way, right? All dolls were.

RO635: Then that’s fine! What does it matter if it’s real or fake!?
At the very least… at the very least I’m giving myself for something I think is good…
Maybe the emotions I was given were fake, but my smile is real!

M4A1: …!

RO635: AR15 wanted me to save you, M16 wanted me to save you, SOP2 wanted me to save you, the Commander wanted me to save you!
Even if I have no will of my own, I’m still carrying everyone’s hopes with me.
If you don’t dare to believe me, then believe in the friends who support you.
Come, take my hand, we’ll go back together...

M4A1: RO…
I’m sorry, I was the one who forgot…
I forgot what I said, that we would never be separated again.
Whether it results in victory or defeat, we will bear it together.

RO635: That’s right! Then come back! Let’s die together!
Wait a minute…
...What’s that noise outside!?
M4, M4, do you hear that!?

M4A1: What noise, I can’t hear it!

RO635: No good, this place is too dangerous, I’ll carry you out of here first.
M4A1, hurry, follow me-



M4A1: …
RO? Where are you?
What happened… are you alright!?
RO! Where are you!?

[Nothing answers M4A1. There is nothing around her but deathly silence.]

M4A1: …

[A silent, dark, eternal limbo.]