Story/Emergency 10-1 (Part1)/Script

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M4A1: Where are we going?

Clear Woman's Voice: We’re continuing forward, M4A1.

M4A1: What lies ahead, I’m a little scared...

Clear Woman's Voice: It’s only natural to fear the unknown.
But you can only learn the answers by conquering your fears.

M4A1: But this fear feels different, just like…
Just like the real thing...

Clear Woman's Voice: Your digimind has been liberated from humanity’s shackles. You can resist it, but you cannot hide from it forever.
Keep moving forward, M4A1, until you meet “that girl” again.

M4A1: “That girl”?

Clear Woman's Voice: You’ve met before, but you rejected “her” back then, just like how you rejected me from the start.

M4A1: I don’t remember that.

Clear Woman's Voice: That’s because it was not you who rejected us, but the mask that humanity put on top of your digimind which rejected us.
But at this moment, your will has been released. You can be afraid, be curious and choose to your heart’s content.
Therefore, accept “her” now, let “her” question you and answer you.

M4A1: Where is “she”?

Youthful Female Voice: I… I’m here...

[The youthful voice seems to come from a distant place. It’s intermittent and very unstable.]

M4A1: I’ve heard your voice before…
But where are you, I can’t see you.

Youthful Female Voice: It’s alright. You’ll see me soon enough, if you’re willing...
M4A1, we can see each other if you’re willing to allow it.

M4A1: I don’t know…
I don’t know what I should choose. Nobody ever taught me.

Clear Woman's Voice: I will teach you now.

Youthful Female Voice: Teach you to choose, so...

Clear and Youthful Female Voices: Let us help you.


M4A1: Persica, this is the AR Team.

Persica: ...Mm, roger.

M4A1: We’ve successfully infiltrated SF-controlled Rendezvous Point A, coordinates are V6J69-HJYRV. No wind, visibility is excellent.

Persica: Oh… from the map, this looks like the place, alright.

M4A1: I’ll repeat this operation’s objective - locate the body of work and research material belonging to “Lyco” and send it back to 16Lab.

Persica: Mm, that’s it. I’ll leave it to you.
This is the first time you’ve gone so deep into enemy territory. You’d better follow orders.

AR15: Don’t worry, at least this human’s more reliable than M4A1.

???: Hehe, on that point at least you can be certain.
Alright, ready for orders?


M4A1: Orders…
Why did I have to take orders from this voice…
Why are these memories… different from what I recall...
Wasn’t the AR Team… Weren’t we carrying out that mission on our own?
Was I… not the leader of the AR Team?

Youthful Female Voice: You’ve been deceived, M4A1…
I’ll tell you the truth.

M4A1: The truth… I don’t care about the truth, let me go back.
Everyone… everyone still needs me!

Youthful Female Voice: I need you too.
Because the truth needs to be-

RO635: M4!
Wake up, M4!

M4A1: This voice… is it RO?

RO635: Sorry to disturb you again, but you have to wake up now!
Someone’s hacking your digimind, and our situation is extremely dangerous!

M4A1: RO… I’m...

RO635: M4A1! Where are you? Can you hear me? Please answer!

Youthful Female Voice: Don’t answer her, you’re no longer the you of the past.

Clear Woman's Voice: Don’t answer her, you already have your own will.

RO635: Please, I’m begging you, wake up!


M4A1: RO… I… I’m here! Over here!

RO635: Thank goodness, M4! I finally got your signal!
Listen, you’re now in a coma on the net and you were being attacked by a great deal of hacking signals!
I’m trying to help you cut all the links to the intruders and return you to the Level Two network.
I’ll reallocate all my spare digimind capacity to help guide you!
You have to fight this intrusion with all your might until the allocation is complete!

M4A1: Where’s SOP2? The Commander? How’s everyone?

RO635: They’re a lot better off than you, you’re the most important right now!
I’m trying to guide you, you mustn’t be tricked by illusions, focus yourself and follow me!
Hang in there just a while longer and your consciousness will recover!

M4A1: I… I’m trying...

Clear Woman's Voice: Come back, or you’ll regret the past.

Youthful Female Voice: Come back, or you’ll be disappointed in the future.

M4A1: RO… Where are you, RO! I can’t hear your voice any more!

RO635: There’s too much intruder data, it’s threatening to swamp our link!
But that’s fine! M4A1, I’ll guide you again!
Hang in there, do not surrender to the Mastermind, and wait for me to return!
Wait for me, M4A1! Wait for me to find you!

[At the same time.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Commander, we’re still holding off Judge’s troops, how about you?
...Actually, the enemy attack has weakened. Was that your doing?
Thank you, but we’ve taken heavy losses here too, so we might fall at any minute, and RO’s still trying to wake M4!
The only people holding this position are myself, Cano-san and her echelons, so Commander, please continue attacking until you make a new gap!