Story/Emergency 1-4 (Part2)/Script

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1-4E pt2

.....Successfully passed the test

Helian: Astonishing....

Helian: Even though I believed you can pass this test, your efficiency is well beyond my expectations.

.... the door opened

....Kalina came into the room.

Kalina: Ah ! Miss Helian, you're back .

Helian: Yeah, if I depended on you to help with the test, it's gonna get delayed again.

Kalina: Hey, I gave the results for the last test on time !

Helian: What about this time ? Don't tell me you overslept again.

Kalina: About this time... hehe....

Helian: ......? What's with that grin ?

Kalina: I just heard it from a colleague...

Kalina: The ... REASON... for Miss Helians absence last time....

Helian:..... ugh !

Kalina: How unfortunate... another failed blind date.....

Helian: I, I've no idea what are you talking about !

Helian: That's all for this time commander !

Helian: Dis-dismissed !