Story/Emergency 1-3 (Part2)/Script

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1-3E pt 2 ...... combat have ended

Kalina: Excellent, you've successfully finished the mission commander !

Kalina: With this result you're sure to catch the attention of the higher ups !

Kalina: Eh ? What do you want to ask commander ?

Kalina: The conflict.. between Grifon and Sangvis Ferri ?

Kalina: Err.... I don't think I know more than you commander....

Scene 2

Kalina: But... do you know why they lost control in just one night ?

Kalina" Rumor has it, it's a because of a high grade AI controlling them.

Kalina: It disobeyed control and instead took control of all the TDolls in the factory.

Kalina: But, this is just what we know from Grifons preliminary investigations, everything about it is still a mystery.

Kalina: And what this AI is planning, no one knows.

Kalina: But please do not worry, the direct conflict zone between Grifon and Sangvis Ferri is not here.

Kalina: All you need is just eliminate the random small scale Sangvis Ferri incursion !