Story/Emergency 1-3 (Part1)/Script

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1-3E pt 1

..... Command center of Area S09

Kalina: Ah , good morning commander !

Kalina: Hehe, didn't expected me to appear do you ?

Kalina: Miss Helian have some urgent matters to attend to today, so I'll be giving you the mission.

Kalina: Eh ? Me ? Relax, there's no problem !

Kalina: Since the data was already prepared by HQ anyway, all I need to do is just record the data.

Kalina: Ehehe, despite how I look, I am kinda knowledgeable in operating computers.

Kalina: ..... Hey ! What do you mean by "I wouldn't have guessed that" !? Is that really suppose to be a praise !?

Kalina: Forget it, let's hurry up and begin the mission commander !