Story/E2-2 Part 2/Script

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[The battle with Destroyer is still going on]

Destroyer: Come on! Keep coming! Hahahaha! How could an attack of that scale possibly defeat me?

PP90: Her complete form… it’s bigger than the rumors said!

Kiana: She’s still emitting Breakdown Energy! We need to keep attacking! Just hold on a little longer and we’ll deplete her Breakdown Energy soon!

Destroyer: Deplete? You underestimate me at your peril!

[Destroyer waves a hand and the dolls are scattered by a wave of Breakdown Energy.]

PP90: Uwah! She’s too strong! Everyone, get down!

Destroyer: I’ve got more than enough time to deal with all of you before I run out!

Mei: That’s enough, Destroyer. Stop abusing our world’s power for evil deeds!

Destroyer: …You’ve finally come, Mei-san. Didn’t you give me this power? And now you can’t take it back. You can’t do anything!

Mei: I know that there are many things I can’t take back… but I’ll do my best to make up for them, while there’s still time...

PP90: Look out, Mei-san! She’s very dangerous!

[Mei braves the storm of Breakdown Energy to walk up to Destroyer]

Destroyer: Hmph, so you’re planning to get rid of me? You plan to kill me because the power I’ve gained is no longer under the control of you humans, right?

Mei: I don’t fight in order to kill.

Destroyer: Then you’re doing it because you regret what you did, right?

Mei: …

Kiana: Be careful, Mei-senpai! Breakdown Energy’s rapidly accumulating around her!

Destroyer: Oh yes, do be careful! If I release all this power at once, there’s no telling if it really will kill you! Ahahahaha!

[Mei draws her katana.]

Kiana: Hey, senpai, are you going all-out? If you get serious here, you’re going to wreck the surroundings!

Mei: But if I back down here… then it’ll all be meaningless. Come, let’s finish this-

Destroyer: As you wish!



[Destroyer collapses, and the Breakdown energy begins to safely disperse.]

Mei: Huh… but how...

[But Mei did not swing her weapon.]

???: Bronya, reporting mission accomplished.

Kiana: B-Bronya! Are, are you alright?

Mei: Where did you go? Why did you only come out now?

Bronya: Bronya has been hiding by Destroyer’s side all this time, waiting for a chance.

Mei: All this time…? So you waited until just now?

Bronya: Did Bronya help?

Mei: Mm… you helped a lot. Thank you, Bronya!

Theresa: Huh? Are things over on this side?

Himeko: Bronya came back too. Well done.

Kiana: How come you only just came back? What were you doing just now?

Theresa: Ah? Nothing, just strolling around...

Himeko: The headmistress was swapping information with some Griffin higher-ups… and at the same time, she borrowed IOP’s technology to make a Kiana doll.

Kiana: …Headmistress, didn’t we agree not to interfere too much with this world? Also? Why me? That, that sounds very weird!

Theresa: Aw, it’s just a one-time technical collaboration between senior staff. Although, it’s really quite magical; just entering the data I collected over time was enough to produce a doll! It’s amazing, it’s just like the real Kiana! Even her sleeping face was faithfully replicated...

Kiana: Oi! Enough about that! While we were risking our lives to stop the enemy, you were messing around at Griffin with my private information!

Theresa: It’s not just Kiana either, we made some for the others too! Although, it’ll take some time. We’ll need to slowly collect combat and regular lifestyle data for them!

Kiana: Hah! You’re talking like everyone’s interested in them. Are you going to make a Mei-senpai doll for Bronya? Oh yeah, how about a tailor-made male doll for Himeko-san?

Bronya: Bronya only wants the real thing.

Himeko: Sadly, IOP declined the order I made.

Kiana: So you did think about those things too… I, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll go take a look if I have the chance.

Mei: You clearly want to see them too...

Kiana: Hmph! In any case, it’s all settled! PP90, take everyone home! Now all we need to do is wait for Vector to bring Seele back.

Kiana: PP90? What’s wrong?

PP90: ...Vivi… her comms signal… it vanished...

[At the same time, in a certain abandoned underground railway tunnel.]
[Vector and Seele are carefully advancing by a dim light.]

Seele: …Are we there yet?

Vector: Shh… please be quiet.

Seele: I’m sorry… it’s too dark here, I’m a little scared...

Vector: Hold my hand.

Seele: Your hands are... holding your weapon...

Vector: Oh, then hold on to my clothes.

Seele: Your skirt… is a little short.

Vector: Oh, it’s a combat miniskirt. Then stay close to me.

Seele: It’s okay… Seele can bear with this.

Vector: Sorry, I’m a Tactical Doll; a lot of my design elements aren’t very appealing to others. Same goes for my personality.

Seele: It’s okay… Seele doesn’t hate you.

Vector: Thank you. Don’t worry, I’m only responsible for finishing the job. As long as there’s a job, I’ll make sure I complete it well.

Seele: Mm. Seele isn’t worries. Will we… be there soon?

Vector: We should be, but I don’t know exactly how far away we are. Being underground impedes our transmissions and I can’t pinpoint our location.

Seele: Why did we go underground all of a sudden?

Vector: We need to avoid the zones where the Slain are active. As you just saw, the Slain on the surface suddenly went berserk all at once, and it’s very unsafe. It’s very likely that… the enemy ringleader was defeated by Kiana and PP90.

Seele: The enemy… ringleader.

Vector: They’re our enemy. They’re not related to you.

Seele: But the Slain are related to us. When Seele and the others came here, we got you involved too.

Vector: …Perhaps… and once there’s a relationship, it might end up being unshakeable...

Seele: Hm?

Vector: Just some worthless grumbling, don’t worry about it. Speaking of which, is Bronya-san a friend of yours?

Seele: Bronya-san and Seele… are best friends.

Vector: Do you make things difficult for each other? Do you settle your problems?

Seele: Bronya-nee never makes mistakes. It’s always Seele who’s wrong...

Vector: Is that all?

Seele: Wait… what, what’s that noise? Vector-nee!

[A series of low moans chorus out from behind them.]

Vector: Oi, no way...

[The figures visible in the distant lights are a horde of shambling Slain dolls.]

Vector: The Slain… what are the Slain doing here!?

Seele: Vector-ne… I… I’m scared...

Vector: Don’t be afraid. I can handle an attack of this scale. Get behind me, hurry!

[Bang bang!]

[Vector takes aim at the leading Slain and advances while shooting.]

Vector: It’s as though they knew they were here… Seele, keep yourself under control, don’t let that persona out!

Seele: But… if my other persona comes out, Seele can destroy all of them!

[Vector pats Seele on the shoulder.]

Vector: I made a promise to a friend that I’d bring you back safely… trust me, I’ll take care of it.

Seele: …Mm. Seele will… hang in there!

[Bang bang!]

Vector: What a wonderful day… how much more trouble must I go through before I can return to how things were… or could it be that I can never go back?