Story/Deep Dive/Epilogue (Part1)/Script

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Sier: Miss 45, please listen to this Griffin area-wide broadcast! This is what I'm talking about!

Helian: Attention, all Griffin personnel in Area S11! Attention, all Griffin personnel in Area S11!
The tide of battle has turned in Area S09, and the area is in complete disarray!
We are currently organizing a mass withdrawal of all personnel within the area, and our withdrawal route passes through Area S11!
All commanders on standby, report immediately to your command posts!
All Area S11 Griffin personnel are to immediately prepare for combat. Destroy all pursuing Sangvis units and protect as many of our own as you can!
Attention, all Griffin personnel in Area S11! Attention, all Griffin personnel in Area S11!


UMP45: They're actually broadcasting in plaintext... And it's rare to hear Helian shouting so loudly. Looks like something big's happened to Griffin.
While I'd like to know what's going on... What does this have to do with us?

Sier: Just now, we detected a powerful energy signal. It was when you were attacked by Parapluie.
Also, that signal was strong enough to cover the entire area, which means...

UMP45: ...Which means, that the Parapluie attack was not targeted at me alone....

Sier: Yes, I think you can guess what happened.

UMP45: ...

UMP45: Alright, I've changed my mind. We need to build a defensive line so the routed Griffin units can regroup.
Dier, can you get into Griffin comms?

Dier: No problem! That's my specialty!
I can even give you the coordinates of the retreating Dolls, you can consider that a freebie!

UMP45: Thank you, but we're not working for free. Sier, you still there?

Sier: Yes, I'm listening.

UMP45: Let that person liaise with Griffin. We're gonna ransom every Doll we rescue back to Griffin and we're gonna collect every penny.

Sier: Understood. I'll contact them right away. Don't worry, you'll definitely be satisfied with the outcome.

UMP45: ...Indeed, you've never disappointed me during negotiations.
Bring it on, then. Besides, we're out of danger, so we might as well have some fun while the command module is still in our hands.

Sier: Alright, I'll mark the routes that the retreating Griffin Dolls are taking. Make sure you stop the Sangvis advance.
After the regroup, we'll forcibly change their command authorizations so they will listen to you, so show them what you've got!

UMP45: I'm just worried about how I'm going to compensate 9 and the others for their vacations.
9, are you listening?

UMP9: Yep! I'm all set! Just give the word, 45!

G11: I'm gonna look for high ground. 416, wake me up when there's someone to shoot.

416: (Sighs) 45, may I ask if you're insane?

UMP45: Well, we need to do some good from time to time. Doing a few favors for others makes for an easier death.

416: What the hell are you thinking? Did Parapluie scramble your neural cloud?

UMP45: You can quit if you don't want to do it. It's not like you haven't sat things out before.

416: ...
Tsk. At least we're not doing it for free. And I'd like to find out...where my limits lie.

UMP45: Very good. Everyone, prepare to set out.
There are Griffin damsels calling for help, and we'll be the heroes coming to their rescue.

UMP45: I recognize the scent in the air. The air smelled exactly like this back then...
The same old mess. They want to do it again...
Well, be my guest! Just as well. This time, I'll definitely uncover the truth...

Sier: Miss 45, we've successfully made contact with the scattered Griffin Dolls. Now we need to form a defensive line to facilitate their retreat.
Let's move on to an explanation of the operations proposal. I hope you don't mind if I use a visceral score to evaluate the results of this operation. The higher the score, the more we can collect from Griffin.
Maintaining the defensive line gives you more points, so please defend yourselves against the enemy.
Since the Dolls are all retreating in different directions, the gathering point will change position after a fixed amount of time, so please pay attention to changes on your map.
According to our predictions, Sangvis Ringleaders from other areas might take part in the assault as well. It is entirely your call whether to engage them or not.
Griffin has asked us to hold out for 15 rounds, so please try to score as high as possible during that time. Good luck!