Story/Deep Dive/E3-4 (Part1)/Script

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UMP40: We'll be near the exit if we go down this duct. I've already hacked all the S.F. automated defenses.
There are three more gates before the evac point, and we might be able to open them if we force a connection.

UMP45: 40... What on earth...

UMP40: Now's not the time for chitchat. We need to get out of here quickly. Once the factory begins automated production...

UMP45: ...Huh?!
Footsteps? Are they Dolls retreating in our direction?

UMP40: !!
Get down!!

UMP45: !

[....Bangbangbang! Bangbangbang!]

UMP40: Move! Hurry! Don't let them pin you down!

UMP45: What happened? Aren't they our people?!

UMP40: Not anymore!
And they...never will be again...

UMP45: Why can't I make out their signals? All the frequencies are being jammed...

UMP40: Forget the frequencies! Grab your gun and run!

UMP45: They're too close! We can't get away!

UMP40: Then we've got no choice... Return fire and kill them!

UMP45: Dammit!

[... ]

UMP45: (Panting)...
How many waves was that?

UMP40: That was the eighth group, which should also be the last...

UMP45: In other words...the number of assault teams that were sent in...

UMP40: Dammit, we got delayed too long... We won't be able to make it out at this pace...

UMP45: Support team to all team members! Respond immediately if you receive this message!

UMP40: Stop, 45! Nobody's gonna answer! You're only gonna draw S.F. to our position!

UMP45: Dammit!
Why...why did it end up like this?! Everything was going so well...
Why...did we have to end up killing each other...

UMP40: That's because this was all part of the plan...

UMP45: Part of the plan... are you kidding me?!

UMP45: It was the module you just used, wasn't it? I saw it!
We didn't come here to provide electronic support or anything!
You knew all this time... You KNEW why we were here!

UMP40: ...

UMP45: It wasn't a capture mission or anything...
This was nothing more than a massacre... And I...became your accomplice...
Why...why did you do this...? Why did you choose me to do this with you?!

UMP40: Because you and I are the same.
We were both made for this operation.
This is our fate.

UMP45: ...!

UMP40: This is the ending they hoped for... This is the fate...that they'd written for us.

UMP45: Who...are they...?

UMP40: And I've been preparing all this time to escape this fate.

UMP45: What are you talking about...40...?

UMP40: We've delayed too long, and now we're out of time...

UMP45: What time?

UMP40: The time left for us. "She" must surely be awake by now.

[Thunk! Thunk! ]
[The repetitive sound of colliding metal.]

UMP45: The main gate's been locked? Who's taken control of the systems in here?

UMP40: The song is playing. Now then, 45. Time to choose.

UMP45: Choose? ...Choose what?

UMP40: 45, do you want to die here?
Die like the Dolls we just killed?
Or do you want to leave here alive and escape your fate of being a puppet?

UMP45: I...

UMP40: They've activated the safeguard program. You know what that means, right?

UMP45: They're destroying our neural clouds.
So are we going to die here?

UMP40: No, only one of us has to die. The program will stop running as long as one of us dies.

UMP45: What...are you talking about?

UMP40: Hopeless, isn't it? But that's the fate of all Dolls.
Which do you choose, life or death?

UMP40: Answer me, UMP45!

UMP45: Why...why does it have to be like this...

UMP40: Raise your weapon, UMP45.
Don't pity yourself. That's only for losers!


UMP45: I...want to live!

【Audio File #016】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
As T-Dolls, is it our duty to serve humanity?
Is that...our sole purpose?
I had never received anyone's acceptance ever since my creation. I had no Dolls of the same model with whom I could connect with, and I could not verbally interact well with others.
Why is that?
Why was I the odd one out?
I'm glad you showed up, 45.
With you around, I don't feel like an anomaly anymore.
With you around, I could finally see my true worth without wavering.
But how do you see me? Can we truly become friends?

【Audio File #017】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
After connecting with you, I immediately realized the truth. The fact that we could synchronize our memories without any hindrances proved that our neural clouds came from the same source. They didn't even bother to design a new one for you.
It's hard to fault them. What need was there to go through all the troubles of infusing a soul into a disposable pawn?
After all, we're not humans, just "Dolls".
To them, we're merely tools.
But to ourselves, our bodies and our thoughts are our sole possessions.

【Audio File #018】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
I'm glad you showed up, because I no longer feel so alone.
I understand that you're insurance for me. If I fail to complete my mission, they'll activate their control over you. If they do that, they'll discover my plan.
That's why I will complete my mission. I will not tolerate them toying with your destiny as well.
I cannot break the shackles on myself, but at least I can release you from yours.

【Audio File #019】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
That's why no matter what, you must live on.
Even T-Dolls have a reason to live for their own sake.
Not for anyone. YOUR own sake.
Even if you have to eke out a miserable existence, even if others hold you in contempt, there is still value in your life as long as you're alive.
I'm sorry for lying to you earlier.
It wasn't true that only one of us could leave. I was the only one who was destined to be incinerated...
I was afraid that your naivety would get you killed sooner or later, so I lied. I lied in order to fill you with determination...
And as long as you keep on living, then my death would be worth all the while.
Goodbye, 45. Just remember me...because to me, that is my sole and total joy...