Story/Deep Dive/E3-3 (Part2)/Script

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[...Beep! Beep! Beep!]

416: Hey! What's the situation?

G11: It's an alarm! Get offline quick, something must be happening outside!

416: Dammit, always at a time like this...

[416 and G11 exit the network.]

416: Hey, 9, what's going on outside?!

G11: Hey hey hey hey, don't tell me...
That... Isn't that...

???: Heheh, we meet again, Squad 404.
Did you like that appetizer? I'm sure it wasn't enough to show our sincerity as that was merely some nibbles.
So why don't I personally offer you some hospitality with this brand new form of mine!

???: Although I'm guessing you can't recognize me, can you?

G11: You're...Destroyer, right?

Destroyer: What?! How did you figure that out?!

416: Destroyer? Hang on, wasn't Destroyer a midget?

Destroyer: Hey! How did you figure me out!? And who the hell's a midget!?
I was a big doggy earlier!

UMP9: Should you really be stating that so loud and proud...

Destroyer: Tsk! Shut up! You trash are going to die anyway, so why can't you just flatter me a little and beg for mercy!?

416: Yep, that's Destroyer all right. Still an idiot.

G11: So you've got a bit more meat on your bones, but how are you different from before?

Destroyer: Hahahaha! You fools! Soon I shall show you the difference in our firepower!
My history of being trampled on by Griffin has been rewritten, and YOU shall be the first witnesses!
Oh, and sacrifices too... You should feel honored! AHAHAHAHA!!

UMP9: (Sighs) Does everyone from S.F. like going ham over their broadcasts?

G11: What's there to brag about?
You only got older by ten-odd years. Is that something to be happy about...?

416: What should we do? She looks as dumb as always, but this time, she does look quite a bit more powerful than before.

UMP9: As long as her abilities don't match up to military T-Dolls, then we've got a chance.

416: We're really going to fight her?

UMP9: It'll take a while to transmit the report, so we need to be prepared.
I'll contact Sier and Dier to cover our bases.
Everyone, the final battle is about to begin! Hang on for just a little longer!