Story/Deep Dive/E3-2 (Part2)/Script

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Destroyer: Where is this place?

???: Welcome to the future, dear player.
Here you will experience a brand new online virtual reality...
...And the technological legacy of mankind from 40 years ago.

Destroyer: that you?
Stop messing around, what are you up to this time?

Dreamer: Hehe, I'm just here to congratulate you. Progress on your new body has passed the halfway mark.

Destroyer: What? Are you for real this time?
It's not going to be some piglet or puppy to mess with me, is it?

Dreamer: Hmm...
Probably not, since you won't be going on a pursuit mission.

Destroyer: Hah, that's a relief...
Huh, wait, what did you say? So last time...

Dreamer: In any case, this time you'll be getting a true remodel. (Destroyer "Hey! Listen to me!")
Rejoice, young lady. Your wish is about to come true.

Destroyer: Humph...well, of course I'll be very happy if I can get what I want.
That said, my enthusiasm's been dashed by that big dog earlier...
Not to mention, 404 is already within our grasp, so a powerful body like that won't be too useful anymore.

Dreamer: Don't say that. 404 isn't surrendering that easily.

Destroyer: Really? I mean look, they've shown no signs of activity for 3 hours already.
Since you said they couldn't have slipped the cordon, they must be cowering in some corner waiting to die, right?

Dreamer: little you understand them.
A death-or-glory attack at a time like this? Squad 404 isn't the type to lose their cool even when they're desperate...
That's why, they're in fact the most dangerous when they're huddled up somewhere.

[...Dreamer sits down on a chair and starts fiddling with her hair.]

Dreamer: One possibility is that UMP45 might have survived the network attack earlier...
Yes...they must be hiding somewhere, trying to save UMP45, because she's their only hope of escape.

Destroyer: Tsk, so they'll fight like cornered rats. What can they even hope to achieve?

Dreamer: Don't underestimate them.
Right now, Squad 404 has ample supplies, plenty of help, and a lot of time to organize their echelons. They might even have new weapons and traps.

Destroyer: You mean...those little drones?
Despite their meager firepower, all the tricks they can pull make them very annoying.

Dreamer: That's why we can't sit around in the base waiting for news, Destroyer. We'll move out once your remodel is complete.

Destroyer: Got it!
Oh you have any more of those big doggies from earlier?

Dreamer: What, so you do miss that body after all?

Destroyer: Like hell I do!
While it sucked to be one, it'd be pretty reassuring to have one by my side...

Dreamer: Heheh, I knew it, the two of you are a good match...
Don't worry, it might still be in the experimental phase, but I can build another one.
Your new body and your new servant will soon be complete.

Destroyer: Don't mess it up this time! I'd better become a Doll that surpasses all the other S.F. Dolls in both looks and power!

Dreamer: Your wish is my command, Miss Destroyer. You need only wait a little longer.
In return, I'd like you to annihilate Squad 404...
You can manage that, right?