Story/Deep Dive/E3-1 (Part2)/Script

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G11: Hey, 416, you see that? Those...

416: I don't see anything.

G11: Huh?

416: I'm not seeing anything. At least not now.

[416 points at 9's transmission request and takes the call.]

G11: Ah... Okay...
But why is the network filled with enemies?
I thought this was just a quick errand. Turns out it's another fight...

UMP9: Stop complaining.
This is probably the defense 45 put up to protect her own neural cloud. Amazing. It's still pretty solid after that kind of attack...

G11: Don't praise her for that. We have to kill them one by one. Such a drag...

UMP9: I'm also working my butt off here issuing orders to the echelons to keep you two safe!

G11: How nice. You can have a go at being the commander thanks to this electronic warfare thingy.

UMP9: Hey, you think this is a walk in the park? Though I can kinda do it on Level II, it's still eating up a lot of my RAM.
Now that I think about it, it's seriously hard work being a commander. I would've collapsed by now if we were in reality...
Well, wanna try it for yourself, G11?

416: Let G11 give commands? Her neural cloud would go up in smoke before she could even finish organizing the echelons.
If you want me to die, at least let me die with some dignity.

UMP9: Hey, that tongue of yours is getting sharper and sharper. You were such a sweet and earnest thing back when we first met.

416: Humph, all thanks to this big happy family that's Squad 404.

UMP9: That's enough banter. Let's return to the subject.
What's the condition of 45's neural cloud? Can you start repairing her yet?

Deele: Hmm... Not yet. The connection is established, but her consciousness was smashed to pieces.
We must recover more of her cloud data to wake her up.

UMP9: Understood. Then let's keep going.
Oh, and 416... Did you two see...anything about 45?

416: Thought you'd never ask.

UMP9: My preset personality has always been pretty candid.

416: This isn't the time for history. Just concentrate on issuing commands.

UMP9: (Sighs) That doesn't sound good.

416: What did you expect?

UMP9: You're right, I should've known... So I'm gonna hand command over to G11 and explore the network with you.

416: Get real. The current arrangement is perfectly fine.
Keep us safe and leave everything till after we come out of this alive.

UMP9: Got it! Then please push on!