Story/Deep Dive/E3-1 (Part1)/Script

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Destroyer: ...
I' the control room?
What...happened to me...?

Dreamer: Welcome back, Destroyer.
Five minutes ago, you were killed by Squad 404's sniper when you goofed up.
Luckily for you, I backed up your records while you were dormant. This core is now all that's left of you.

Destroyer: killed?
So I don't have to be a big dog anymore?

Dreamer: What? Do you miss it?

Destroyer: L-Like I would!
Did I manage to complete the mission?!

Dreamer: Hush now... I'm still trying to find out.
UMP45's signal seems to have disappeared completely...
Congratulations, Destroyer. You did manage to complete your mission a second before your death.

Destroyer: that so? Then give me a new body already!

Dreamer: Listen up, kid.
I don't know what trick Squad 404 pulled off back there, but you almost ruined everything.
Let me remind you while you still remember me...

Dreamer: Next time you ignore what I tell you and proceed to think with your ass...
I'll stuff you into a body so hideous you can't die even if you want to!
Got that?!

Destroyer: D...Dreamer...what happened to your voice...
S...scary... Was that really you...?

Dreamer: Heheh. Just kidding, of course.
We're such good friends, after all. Always have been. Heheh...
Now let's start the final game!

Destroyer: Game...? What game?

Dreamer: Obviously...
The ruthless and bloody game and mouse.

416: Hidden fragments of her consciousness...?
So these files are from 45's past...
But this isn't the time to think about such things. Better pick them all up first. There are bound to be more.

【Audio File #003】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
That's too slow! Speed it up, will you?!
You missed more than half of the 100 shots you made!
If this is the best you can do in a simulation, what are you gonna do in actual combat?!
You're moving way too slow! You'll make an easy target if you keep sauntering around like that!
Where are you looking at? Keep your eyes towards your target when you're making a shot!
Hey, don't you have even the most basic combat system installed?!
Why is such a dumb T-Doll assigned to our group? You're just holding everyone back!
I...I'm sorry...
Can't even hold your gun properly. And you call yourself a T-Doll?!
I'm so sorry...
If your software can't handle it, drill it into your muscle memory. You're not allowed to return to your dormitory until you get a passing score on a shooting session!
Yes, sir. I'm sorry...
Um, excuse me, where are my Dummies?
You have the nerve to ask for Dummies? Wake up!
Yes, sir...
Why can't I do anything...
No, I must not be depressed.
But I can't participate in actual combat without any Dummies...
Then I must keep training. Practice, practice, practice.
I must work even harder if I want to be recognized...

【Audio File #005】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
By the way, looks like we're gonna be assigned to a combat squad.
Huh? We can see real action so soon? But I don't think I'm ready yet...
Hasn't your accuracy gone up to 60% already?
That's all thanks to you, 40.
Hahaha, you're right. I'm the best teacher there is!
Of course I'm happy that they're sending me on missions, but that could be dangerous. We'll be fighting with live rounds, after all...
It'll be fine! I'm not particularly strong, but I'll do everything to protect you if you're ever in danger!
Haha, of course! I'm sure you'll do the same if I'm in danger, right?
Yeah, that's right... I'll also protect you, 40!
Though it's more likely that we'll both end up getting killed... Our fault for being so weak, hahaha...
Getting killed together...doesn't sound so bad.
If the neural cloud is intact, we may get a new body!
A new...body?
Yeah, then we'll no longer be held back by our own body, and no one will ever look down on us again!
Oooooh! You're right! That'll be awesome!
Still...we aren't advanced T-Dolls so the commander probably won't be bothered to get us new bodies.
Well, it doesn't hurt to dream. If we somehow do something worthy of recognition out there, that'll show them, right? Then surely we can request for new bodies, hmm?
Yeah...we can do it.
Great! Then it's decided. One day, we'll accomplish a mission that's impossible for anyone else! Then we'll get the best bodies they could possibly build, and no one will ever look down on us again!

【Audio File #008】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
So this is the Squad 7 that's leading the attack? Elite T-Dolls really are different.
Haha, we just have to support them.
If only we had such well-built bodies...
Don't dwell on such things. We are crucial to the mission too!
Oh, they're looking this way...
Hey, are you from Backup Squad 14?
Hmm... UMP40 and UMP45, if I remember correctly?
Heheh, that's right!
You remember...our designation...
Haha, I remember every single member on the team. Not to mention you're pretty famous.
M16A1, what are you doing?
Huh? Just chatting.
What's the point in chatting with T-Dolls like them?
Don't say that. Every T-Doll on the frontline has something to contribute to the effort. Who knows? They might just end up saving your life at some point.
Saving my life? We can simply backup our neural clouds. True pros won't hesitate making sacrifices.
Haha, what an extremist. Still, best not take any bullets if you can help it, eh?
Sorry about that. She's a new model and has quite a big ego, but she means no harm so please don't take any offense.
Uh...none taken, hahaha...
Then we'll be on our way. Look forward to working with you.