Story/Deep Dive/E2-4 (Part2)/Script

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Destroyer: Whoaaaa!!

[Destroyer stumbles and crashes right into the ground.]

Destroyer: Where?! Where did that come from?!


G11: Tsk! It ricocheted. That armor is too thick.

416: Don't stop. Keep up the suppressive fire.


Destroyer: Whoa! That was way too close. Thank goodness I'm back on my feet!
Dammit! How are they still moving without any orders from UMP45?!

Dreamer: There are too many possibilities to count. No use thinking about that.
How far are you from the target? Are you within three kilometers?

Destroyer: Hmm... Pretty sure I am! I've been pumping it you know?!

Dreamer: Good. Then let's enjoy the show!

Dreamer: UMP45, I'll relish every face you make...


G11: Sorry, 9. We failed.

416: That dog's armor is too thick. We weren't able to deal any effective damage.
It would be great if we have another sniper with stronger firepower.

UMP9: That's fine. Our new friends are getting Gd DSR-50. We still have plenty of opportunities.
Continue with the guerilla tactic, G11. Don't let Destroyer's Dummies reach you and wait for another chance.

416: Don't you need any cover? The objective of retrieving the drone rests entirely on you...

UMP9: I'm very good at this kind of job. Save your worries for 45.
Who knows how she's doing...


UMP45: I can't get in touch with the team, but judging from the gunshots just now, G11 has probably figured out what to do.
In that case, destroying that big dog is only a matter of time as long as they can keep it tied up.
Now the question is...whether I can keep this up...

UMP45: Ugh... Dammit... Here it comes again...
But...I can take it...
Sangvis Ferri...again...?!


System Notice: Training over. Please vacate the machine.
Your results are atrocious.
Recalibrate your equipment and condition and prepare for another session.

UMP45: I just can't do it...
My accuracy has gone below 30%...

UMP45: How on earth can I do better...?
I train as hard as everyone else, but my body just keeps messing with me. It's always a beat behind other people...

???: Oh, hi there, newbie!

UMP45: Uh, commander...greetings.

???: Haha, cut out the formality. Come sit down!
And do I look like a commander? Never got that before!

UMP45: Huh? Don't tell're also a T-Doll?

???: Is it weird? Maybe I'm too expressive? That's pretty much the only good thing about me...
Heheh, anyway, I'm a new recruit just like you! Guess we'll have to take care of each other!

UMP45: Ah...sure...
And thank you...

???: No biggie. We're companions, so we have to cheer each other up!
Ah, can I sit here?

UMP45: Yeah...

???: Well, are you feeling better? It's only one or two sessions. Don't let the results drag you down!
After all...that's not really your forte!

UMP45: What? How do you know...about that?

???: Don't freak out. I just saw your shooting practice when I was passing by.
Your posture, reflexes and accuracy all show that you don't have any advanced fire control system installed.

UMP45:'s that obvious...

???: That's why you must not force something that you physically can't do!
You think such crazy drills even work on T-Dolls?

UMP45: It's got to help, more or less! My result has improved in the last few days!
(Mutters) went down again today...
At this rate, I won't make the deadline of the compatibility test with the new commander...

???: Don't take it too seriously! There must be a job where you can make use of your strengths here.

UMP45: I...just want to be chosen by the commander...
Otherwise, I have no purpose as a T-Doll...

???: ...

UMP45: Nothing to say to that, huh?
Doesn't matter. I'm probably the only useless T-Doll here anyway...
You don't have to concern yourself with my fate...

???: Pffft!

UMP45: Laugh all you want. I know I'm a pitiful sight.

???: Sorry, but haven't you figured it out yet?
I'm just as useless as you!

UMP45: What? How could that be? Are you also...

???: Here, check our imprinted weapons!
Our clouds may have been wiped, but we're the products of the same hapless factory.

UMP45: Really...? Then you, too...

???: That's right. I, too, have a bunch of weird electronic warfare modules installed for whatever reason, so I can't hold a gun properly either...
But what a coincidence that I ran into you while I was just strolling around!

UMP40: I'm UMP40, your elder sister by name and by fate, so I'll be sure to have your back!

UMP45: Huh? back?

UMP40: We are poor birds of a feather that have suffered the same fate ever since we were manufactured. We're practically obliged to be friends, you know?

UMP45: But is it necessary for T-Dolls to make friends...? That's so weird...

UMP40: Jeez, aren't you a thick one...
We're all equipped with emotion simulation software, right? That means humans want us to be like actual people outside of fighting!
And all actual people must have a friend or two, right?

UMP45: You're...not wrong, but how is that beneficial for our work?

UMP40: The computational speed of two stupid T-Dolls combined is still higher than a normal T-Doll, right?
The future has a lot of hardships in store for us. From our missions, our superiors, other T-Dolls...but we can face them together!
Oh, is the commander still waiting for you? Don't you have to do another training session?

UMP45: Oh, uh...

[UMP45 checks the channel.]

UMP45: (Sighs) He's already logged off. I have nothing to do...

UMP40: Humph, such a meanie!
How can a bigoted man who looks at nothing but performance be a commander?!
Maintaining rapport with your T-Dolls is more important than anything else!

UMP45: Don't say that. A commander's decisions and orders are all absolute.
I guess...I'm simply not qualified to build up rapport with the commander in my present state.

UMP40: Don't beat yourself up like that. How about some word of advice?
Not that it's anything special...

UMP45: (Laughs bitterly) I've got nothing to lose...
So please give me some guidance!

UMP40: Well, you don't have to be so reverent with me. We're sisters now. Best friends. Got it?
First of all, you must get rid of all that negativity radiating from your very being!
Know that nothing will change if you keep moping.

UMP45: ...Haha.
You're practically telling a person with a broken bone to go get some exercise, or a chronically depressed human to be optimistic...
That's easier said than done. I want to cheer up too. It's not like I want to be down in the dumps forever...

UMP40: Don't worry. I'll help you! I'm an expert in maintaining a positive outlook!

UMP45: Really?

UMP40: Everything will get better. Trust me!
And this is the first step!

UMP45: Huh? What's this?

UMP40: Give my fist a bump. There, that's a promise.
Trust me, and I promise...

UMP40: I promise that everything will change some day...


Dreamer: Heheh, that Mastermind is seriously pissed off.
It must be a blast now in the field.
But what's happening out there has nothing to do with me. I just have to focus on enjoying the show right here~


Destroyer: That's annoying, Dreamer! Can't you turn off the alarm?

Dreamer: It's fine. Just ignore it as long as it says 【WARNING】 and not 【ERROR】.
The area-wide broadcast is up, and the rewrite should be complete.
Now I just need to give the order...

Dreamer: Sangvis T-Doll UMP45, round up and exterminate all enemy T-Dolls.
Additional condition, execute the order at all costs, in complete secrecy; keep the channel open throughout the execution phase. Please respond to confirm your orders.

[... ]


Dreamer: Wait a minute... I can't seem to deactivate this warning...
What's going on...?
Why...hasn't UMP45 responded yet...?

Destroyer: Huh? Did something go wrong?
Can't be an issue with Parapluie, can it?

Dreamer: Impossible. I spent a long time making sure...
Hold on...
The orders I just issued...all got rejected by UMP45's authorization!

Destroyer: So... Parapluie didn't alter her Zener Protocol into our OGAS Protocol at all...

Dreamer: No... This is definitely a connection established with OGAS Protocol. The signal under Zener Protocol has vanished completely.
I'm being rejected because I don't have the command authorization...


Dreamer: Don't tell me... Can it be...

Destroyer: Hey, quit being hysterical, Dreamer!
What the hell is wrong with you? What's with that scary cackle?!
(Mutters) Your usual chuckle is enough to scare the crap outta me...

Dreamer: You're more interesting than I gave you credit for, UMP45...
Though this hasn't played out the way I want... Actually, this could be going even better than what I had planned!
What lies beneath your facade...
Let me uncover you...bit by bit...


UMP9: The signal seems to have led us in the right direction. The drone really is here...
45, I completed the mission!
(Laughs bitterly) Not that you can hear me...

UMP9: Please be safe, 45. I don't want to go how it was...

[Meanwhile. ]
[Destroyer is still dashing about on the battlefield.]

416: Last chance, G11.
I've already cleaned up the perimeter of the outpost. Time to give it everything you've got.

G11: Ugh... You make it sound so easy. But with only me...

Gd DSR-50: So I showed up right on time.
Hallo, little one. You on your own?
Oh dear...looks like you already have a date. I'm too late.

416: Let's get to business, Gd DSR-50.
Our target is that dog-shaped Sangvis Ringleader. Take it down, and the Dummies will stop as well, and we'll all be safe.
Now that you're free, make yourself useful.

G11: Simultaneous shots. Can you do it?

Gd DSR-50: You only have to ask.

416: These new elite T-Dolls... I sure hope she's as dependable as 45 said.
G11, can you make the shot yet?

G11: Don't rush it. To avoid making the same mistake, I have to wait until Destroyer comes to a stop.
She's already slowed down considerably after all the fighting so I think she'll soon be out of juice.
Then...we'll just have to wait for her to stick out her big shiny eye...


Destroyer: Hey, Dreamer! I can't keep it up much longer!
Where the hell are your reinforcements?!

Dreamer: Oh dear... My forces are all busy defending the perimeter.
Don't worry, Destroyer, you're very close to completing your mission.
Keep running and don't let the sniper catch you.

Destroyer: What now?! UMP45 still hasn't turned into a Sangvis unit as you promised, and I'm under heavy barrage here!

Dreamer: Just get a bit closer. I can take care of the one in command if you just close in a bit.

Destroyer: What are you talking about? Hasn't the plan to take control of UMP45 already failed?

Dreamer: Well, UMP45... Heheh...
She IS a slippery one. She's keeping our connection open, so she must be up to something.
Whatever. We have a chance as long as the connection stays up.

Destroyer: A chance? What chance?

Dreamer: If she's using the same protocol as ours, it's gonna make our job even easier...
Have you forgotten about our offensive firewall?

Destroyer: You mean...the thing that can simply fry a neural cloud...?

Dreamer: That's the gist of it in terms of theory.
I actually used every single idle server at the base for this. That little minx's neural cloud should've been burnt to a crisp by now.

Destroyer: Oh, so we can now go get her corpse!
And capturing Squad 404 will only be a matter of time!

Dreamer: That's the only foreseeable outcome...
But...will it really be that easy...

Destroyer: Who cares! Let me go check out the outpost she's at!

Destroyer: But...what's her exact location...?
Hmm...this body is very inefficient in multi-tasking. I'll have to stop and think about it...

[Destroyer comes to a stop.]

Destroyer: Let me see...she should be...

Dreamer: Hey!


They've activated the safeguard program. You know what that means, right?

They're destroying our neural clouds.
So are we going to die here?

No, only one of us has to die. The program will stop running as long as one of us dies.

What...are you talking about?

Hopeless, isn't it? But that's the fate of all Dolls.
Which do you choose, life or death?
Answer me, UMP45!

Why...why does it have to be like this...

Raise your weapon, UMP45.
Don't pity yourself. That's only for losers!


UMP45: Is that me in the past? Guess I can only access it this way...
If it can even replay that memory...then OGAS Protocol has some seriously scary computational capacity...
Still...switching back and forth is taking a heavy toll on me... Cough...
And these flashbacks don't seem very stable. Destroying the program won't be easy even with the help of OGAS.

UMP45: Huh? What now?!

UMP45: They spotted me even in such a small port... Damn S.F., are they trying to fry my neural cloud?!

UMP45: These attacks...are relentless!

UMP45: I'm NOT gonna...fall here... 40...

416: 416 hailing.
9, have you found 45?

UMP9: I found her. I'm right by her side.

416: How is she?

UMP9: I don't know. She's just standing here, eyes wide open, like a statue. Zeele, Deele, what do we do?

Zeele: Let's start by physically connecting her to the network with a cable. Any ideas, Deele?

Deele: It looks like...she was under the attack of an offensive firewall.
S.F. might've tried to fry 45's neural cloud but she was disconnected on the last second so it didn't work.

G11: Humph. My last shot saved her.

Deele: Other than the fact that she's still alive, I can't guarantee anything...

416: All the echelons that were aiding us are also out of action. They're standing by in their last-active positions.
That's not good at all. S.F. will definitely send in new reinforcements and we're sitting ducks.

G11: We're really on our own with no T-Dolls who can issue commands. We've got to think of something.

Zeele: We aren't entirely out of options...
Damage to the neural cloud can be repaired on Level II, but the repair is usually carried out in a maintenance pod...

416: Let me guess. Since we don't have a maintenance pod just handily lying around...
We have to risk being one-shot by S.F. and link up with her on the spot?

UMP9: Think about it. We can't make it out of the Sangvis barricade without 45's direction so we'll be dead either way.

G11: do we wake her up?

Deele: We must first inspect the current state of 45's neural cloud on Level II before we can figure out how to repair her.
But we need your help. It's all on you, Squad 404!

UMP9: We practiced this before we set off...
I hope you still remember how it's done.

416: Tsk... To be honest, I don't like that place.

G11: Since when do you grumble so much?
You're becoming more and more like me.

416: Shut up!

UMP9: Alright, alright, get off each other's throat!
Let's bring 45 back and make it home together!