Story/Deep Dive/E2-4 (Part1)/Script

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Destroyer: UMP45...
It didn't really have anything to do with you, but I'm back from hell!

G11: Damn, this huge dog runs fast for its size!

416: 45, I've grouped up with G11. We're now heading towards the rendezvous point as fast we can!
How is it on your end?

UMP45: 9 is making for the rendezvous point as well. I'm directing the echelons. Not in any danger for now.
I'm consulting Sier regarding a plan of retreat. Hurry up but make sure you steer clear of Destroyer!

UMP9: I'm sorry, 45, but...that's proving rather difficult...
There's more than one big dog!

UMP45: ...!

UMP9: Four have appeared on the map at the same time!
I'm afraid they're coming for all of us!

UMP45: But their primary target is me...
(Mutters) If I can somehow cut myself off from everyone...

UMP9: Come again, 45?

416: One sec! 9, new incoming transmission!
Take it. G11 and I will figure out a way to move. Take care of 45!


Gd DSR-50: Hello, everyone from Griffin.
It's so nice of you to answer my call under such circumstances.

UMP45: Sorry, but we're not from Griffin. We are kinda on your side though.

Gd DSR-50: Mysterious heroes? Why, that only makes it more romantic.
Anyhow, my subordinates and I are trapped in several outposts. I don't mind hanging around for a while, but as a T-Doll, I still prefer keeping my tools sharp out in the field.
Seeing that fate has a hand in our meeting, why don't we help each other out?

UMP45: Humph...
Looks like a victory...can depend entirely on a stroke of luck...
Gd DSR-50, we'll get you out of there, but you'll have to fight for us till we're safely out of danger. Deal?

Gd DSR-50: I like that smile... I think we'll get along just fine.
Deal, Süsse. I'll be waiting for you in my room. Don't be too late.

[Transmission terminated.]

UMP9: Are you sure it's a good idea to help her, 45?
Is it worth the risk to rescue hostages while being chased by big dogs?

UMP45: I know her - this Gd DSR-50.
Get her out and killing Destroyer won't be a problem.

UMP9: Understood. More good news, the T-Dolls we rescued before have agreed to help us as well!
But they'll need an operation objective, or they're completely unorganized.

UMP45: Their objective is simple, protect you three at all costs.

UMP9: Huh? But what about you?
You're the primary target here!

UMP45: That's right. They think all problems will be solved once they have me.
Their Ringleader seems more clever than we expected so there must be someone else other than Destroyer...
Which makes this a perfect opportunity. When they come charging at me, you'll have a shot at getting the drone.

UMP9: Perfect opportunity?'re more important than the drone!

UMP45: So? Do I look like the kind of idiot who would sacrifice my own life for some mission?
Don't be ridiculous. I'm not on the AR Team. Plus, I've already found out how S.F. is monitoring me. I just need some time to fix that...
So don't mind me. Get the drone and be done with the mission.

UMP9: But...

UMP45: I told you. I'm not playing the bait as a suicide move. All my decisions are made so that we can complete the mission and go home.
Meet up with the others, rescue Gd DSR-50, and take the drone. That's an order. Do it at once.

UMP9: Understood... I trust your judgment. But I'm coming back for you after we have the drone!

[UMP9 takes her leave.]

UMP45: I'm counting you, 9...
Now then, time to get busy...

UMP9: Sier! Sier!

Sier: Miss UMP9, I am aware of the situation. I have already started tracing the Sangvis signal.

UMP9: And?!

Dier: UMP45's neural cloud is experiencing an abnormal amount of traffic. These ports should've been encrypted and sealed.

UMP9: I don't understand all this techno-babble! Get to the point!

Dier: I suspect...that some Sangvis virus is rewriting her authorization!

UMP9: What? Virus?!

Dier: Yes, I can't determine what virus it is yet, but the hack isn't too severe at the moment.
45 has already forcibly shut down the ports that the traffic was coming through, but some of the dataflow cannot be cut off due to their high authorization.
Hey, wait...
She just severed her connection with us!

UMP9: I can't see her signal either...
Do you think she's doing this to keep us safe from the virus...?

Sier: 45 has only been forcibly connected to the Sangvis system, so the virus wouldn't have spread to you yet.
She must have another reason for doing this. I think we should trust her judgment.

UMP9: Ja... We still have a mission to complete. I must have faith in 45.


UMP9: 416, you still there?!

416: Hey, what's going on with you? We've been waiting for you to get in touch!

UMP9: Destroyer keeps making a beeline for 45, so 45 is playing the bait for us to get the drone!

416: What? 45? Risking herself and playing the bait??

UMP9: She might also have run into some problem so this is the only solution for now...
But she's gonna be fine. We must hurry and get the drone, then we're going back for her!

416: How unlike her...
Got it. G11, we're meeting up with 9. Then we're moving towards the drone signal.

G11: Is trouble?

416: Kinda, so we have to be quick.
What, you worried about her?

G11: Of course?
If she dies, I'll have nowhere to go.

416: Haha, I'm so touched.
C'mon you little egoist. Get a move on if you don't want that to happen.

【Audio File #009】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
The order has been given. You'll be transferred elsewhere.
W...what...? Are you serious?! Why?!
You know the rules... Disobeying direct orders. Assaulting friendly units. Either of these is enough to have you executed.
I just want to go where I want. How is that wrong?!
We are Tactical Dolls. It's not our place to decide where we want to go.
You must be joking! Just because I don't want to babysit that rubbish Doll?! This kind of ridiculous mission—
SLAP! 【The sound of a smack on the face.】
Wake up.
You're not some elite T-Doll. You're just a pathetic creature living in your own delusional world.
What are you talking about...?
Griffin will pick you up in six hours. Pack your things.
SLAM! 【The sound of a door slammed shut.】
Haha... I'm sorry you had to watch that.
Don't be. It must be hard on you saying that to her face.
Haha... It wasn't so bad. The next mission is gonna be very dangerous. It's probably a good thing for her to leave.
But she could have her core removed sitting out this mission.
That's true... But even that's better than just dying without a word. Compared to that, I'm more worried about you. Please apologize to 45 on my behalf.
Sure thing! Thanks for your concern, and I'll be sure to relay your message. I look forward to working with you!