Story/Deep Dive/E2-3 (Part1)/Script

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[Fifteen minutes later.]

UMP9: 45, do you copy?! We must abort the mission!
Even Sier advises us to retreat to the perimeter for the time being and think of something else!

UMP45: No, listen to me. We stick to the plan.

416: What are you thinking, 45? S.F. knows our every move.
No matter how we proceed, it's suicide if we go any further.

UMP45: No... S.F. doesn't know our every move.
All they know is MY move.

416: What? What makes you think so?

UMP45: Think about it...
Destroyer only made the two broadcasts after I said something.
And judging from what she said, she couldn't hear you guys.

UMP9: But she can hear your voice, right? She can find out what you're doing any time!

UMP45: I think she can indeed hear my voice, but not "any time".
Otherwise, she would've just blown us right up rather than only making two broadcasts this whole time.
Besides, her new body must still be incomplete, or we would've found her by now.

416: So you plan on getting back the drone while the window is still open?

UMP45: This is our best shot.
If we retreat now, there won't be another attempt.
The drone will be theirs - mission failed.

UMP9: But how do we know you're making the right call? If this is a Sangvis trap...

UMP45: Have I ever been wrong?

UMP9: ...Understood.
But 416 and G11 are still out there. We have to meet up with them.

UMP45: That won't be necessary. 9, go get the drone. I'll cover you with my echelons.
416, head to scouting point eins. G11, scouting point zwei. The two of you monitor every single junction within sight. Report immediately if you detect any signal of a Sangvis Ringleader!

416: I sure hope your lucky guess is right. Get up, G11. We're going!

G11: Ugh... I have to do this...on my own?

UMP45: Don't worry. I'll give you cover.

UMP9: What about you, 45?
If you're right, then aren't you their primary target?

UMP45: True. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't help dwelling on it.
Keep calm. We only have a tighter deadline. It'll be fine as long as you're snappy.
I'll only be safe if you get the drone ASAP.

[45 claps her hands twice.]

UMP45: Chop chop, girls.
Get your hands on the drone and let's all go home!

【Audio File #006】
【Decryption complete. Now playing.】 this place?
The Ministry of National Security.
Looks like we've been temporarily assigned here for the operation...
Nervous? We're in an unfamiliar environment after all.
Hmm... everything feels so harsh and cold here, though it's not really that different from Griffin...
Haha, but then again this is so much more luxurious. Oh, hold on. I'm receiving new directives.
Ah, commander, here you are.
Connect to ports #3, #5 and #18 for identity authentication.
Roger. Identity authenticated.
HQ has ordered the two of you to delete all operation records from your time in Griffin.
Huh...? Is that really necessary?
Shush, 45...
That's an order. Do it at once.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir...
Second directive, you are to install the confidentiality safeguard program issued by the Ministry. The file has just been sent to you via port #18.
Roger. Installing.
After all Griffin authorizations have been purged, redirect your command authorization to me.
Yes, sir. Applying for the security certificate from Griffin. ETA in 30 minutes.
Everything is so clunky with Griffin tech... Report to the training room after you're done. Unauthorized connections are prohibited here, and all communications must be made verbally.
Understood, Commander. See you later.
He's gone... Confidentiality safeguard program? I have a bad feeling about this... Have you ever heard of such a thing?
To prevent a leak, it can seal off and even delete a T-Doll's memory. Under extreme can also completely fry the neural cloud.
It's for the sake of keeping their intelligence safe... It can't be helped if the mission really does call for it.
By the way, only I have to redirect the command authorization to the new commander. We'll then share the authorization.
What do you mean?
You redirect yours to me, so you won't answer directly to the commander. We can then set up an internal link to communicate our orders.
Huh? But then...I'll be without a commander.
They probably won't be sending us on tough missions anyway. This will also save you some space.
I don't personally have a problem with this, but what about the commander?
Don't worry about it. This is to ensure better performance. I'll explain it to him.
Okay... I trust you.