Story/Deep Dive/E2-2 (Part2)/Script

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Dreamer: Heheheheh♪

Destroyer: So? Have you found the target carrying Parapluie?

Dreamer: It was much easier than expected, and she doesn't even suspect a thing.
Plus...she's a familiar sight.

Destroyer: You know her?

Dreamer: Haha, that's right. From exactly a year ago...
Destroyer, make another broadcast and repeat what I'm gonna tell you.

Destroyer: Hey, you keep ordering me around. Are you really making me a new body?

Dreamer: My, my, you'll get what you want after this broadcast.
Have I ever lied to you?

Destroyer: Tsk, I don't recall anything, but I just can't shake the feeling that...
Whatever...just this once. I'm gonna hold you to your promise!

Dreamer: When we start, listen to my orders and only go for the Parapluie carrier.

Destroyer: Huh? Isn't it our objective to retrieve the drone?

Dreamer: The enemy T-Doll carrying Parapluie is the team leader. We can easily locate her thanks to the virus.
This is the most cost-effective option no matter how you look at it.
Besides, I believe this T-Doll is less than the drone.

Destroyer: Oh? Is she really that big of a deal?

[Objective complete. 416 and G11 have reached the sniping spot.]

416: We only have this one chance, G11. Make the shot count.

G11: You have such high hopes for me. Maybe I should screw it up for once? We have two EMPs after all...

416: Suit yourself.
You screw this up, I'll stick the last EMP onto you, fold you into a paper plane and throw you out into the air...

G11: Haha, that lousy joke isn't scaring anyone, you know?

416: Then I'll go back alone and tell 45 you didn't show up on time.

G11: Tsk... Fine, I'll make the shot count.

[... ]
[Ten minutes later.]

416: 416 hailing UMP9.
We have activated the long-distance EMP equipment as planned. No additional S.F. security detected within the last ten minutes.
Tell 45 we're good to go.

UMP9: Haha, while you're making your report, 45 has already identified the coordinates of the drone.
But damn...I must say this new electronic warfare module is insanely useful. Our practice runs really have paid off.

416: Hold on, if she could locate the drone so quickly, why did I have to spend so much time on surveillance?

UMP9: Haha, well... 45 had to be extremely focused during the search.
We didn't want G11 to prattle too much and distract her, so...

G11: Hey, 416! Are you done yet? Hurry up and carry me...

UMP9 hears the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground.

UMP9: Gr...G11?

416: Don't worry. She won't make a noise. Can I come back now?

UMP45: Is that 416? Thanks for doing your part. Regroup now...

Destroyer: AHAHAHAHA!
Sorry everyone, I'm afraid I must interrupt!

UMP9: It's Destroyer's broadcast!
But how... And the timing...

UMP45: ...
Don't panic. She could be bluffing again.

Destroyer: My, my, what was that...

UMP45: ...!

UMP9: What...?!

Destroyer: I am very...serious this time.

UMP9: does she know about 45?! She can even hear her!

416: Is our channel being tapped?

UMP45: Shut your mouth, all of you!

UMP9: ...

Destroyer: Hahahaha, starting to panic, aren't we, UMP45?

UMP45: ...

Destroyer: You won't get away...
There's no escape for any of you...
I'll give you just a bit of a head start.
Then...the hunt will begin anew...

Dreamer: That's it, Destroyer...
Jeer at her. Threaten her. Make her panic. Make her feel helpless...
When her neural cloud is sufficiently irrigated with the fear you induce, the seeds that we've sown will start to sprout...

Dreamer: UMP45... I believe it's fate that has kindly reunited us...
What about you? Can you feel it?
Parapluie has started wriggling, twisting, burrowing its way through your every circuit...
It's been slumbering for a year, and now's the time for it to burgeon.
Now, Destroyer, in her brand new form, is going to close in on you so fast you cannot possibly outrun her...
Once she catches you...I can rewrite your network, your beliefs, and your very will!
Come, UMP45, come closer! Closer!