Story/Deep Dive/E2-2 (Part1)/Script

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[Two minutes later.]

UMP9: Now what?
Destroyer's broadcast is...bad news, right?

416: The point bad it actually is...
How does Destroyer know we're here? Did she come prepared or did she just discover us by chance?
And her new form...

UMP45: I think she's just bluffing.
If she knows we're here, why didn't she just call us by our names?

UMP9: But Destroyer did say she's onto our tracks.

UMP45: What if she's just broadcasting every once in a while to scare the intruders into exposing themselves?

UMP9: Huh? You mean...

UMP45: Surely you don't believe we're coming up against Destroyer on her own, do you?
That broadcast was pretty much reminding us to stay hidden.
Keep your cool. We'll only disorient ourselves if we deviate from the plan.

G11: So...what are we gonna do? Ignore them?

UMP45: Ja, if they still don't know who exactly we are, then we're safe for the time being.

UMP9: 45, you mentioned a small problem. What did you mean...

UMP45: It just so happens that a Sangvis signal jammer nearby is severely hindering our search progress.
We have to destroy it in order to proceed.

416: Bluff or not, S.F. is on the lookout for us. Play it safe, 45.

UMP45: Don't worry. We've had plenty of experience removing jammers, haven't we?

UMP9: Haha, you're right. That was exactly a year ago.

G11: I hope we won't have to run all over the place this time...

416: Only I was doing the running, okay?

UMP45: There, are we all relaxed? Then let's move out.

【Audio File #004】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
Wanna try setting up a connection?
Heheh, we're the same model. Our ports can be directly linked so I can send you my combat data.
Then...thank you. But my storage space...
It's fine! I've already compressed them into a size that you can handle.
That's perfect... But I still feel a bit iffy about the connection...
Huh? What's there to worry about? It's not dangerous.
I've only ever used the Zener Network for file transfer... This is the first time I've ever established a cable link... I don't know what's gonna happen...
It's actually not that different, and no one else can read our data exchange so it's very safe!
There. I've sent the data. Try using it in your simulation training!
Sure...and thanks so much!
Haha, don't mention it. Oh right, let me show you something else.
Huh? What?
Heheh, photos I took secretly using the viewfinding authorization when I was out on a mission.
This is...?
Oh wow... This is gorgeous...
Sadly I won't ever get to take pictures like these out there...
Don't worry. You WILL get your own assignments some day. I'll show you how to access this function.
But...isn't it bad to do things without orders...?
It doesn't matter. They're just for myself. You don't have to ask for the commander's permission for everything. Remember, even T-Dolls have the right to do what they want! have a point...
Then that's a promise!