Story/Deep Dive/E2-1 (Part1)/Script

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[Nighttime, territory under Sangvis control in Area S15.]

UMP45: Here we are.
Well, do you like it?

416: Tell me more about this place. Maybe I'll come to like it more.

UMP45: There's not much to be said. You know all about the contamination zone.
Beilan Island, collapse fluid, WWIII, then...this.

UMP9: Euroky Low-Emission Infectious Disease (E.L.I.D.)...

UMP45: Don't worry. The radiation index isn't too high here.
We'll also be doing most of the search in cyberspace so we'll keep out of the most dangerous areas. Follow me.

G11: Will we come across zombies?

UMP45: Well...let's hope not.

UMP9: WHAT?! So there ARE zombies?!

416: Nein, at least not here. It's not like we're in a movie or a game.
So you're scared of this kind of thing, 9?

UMP9: Ugh...

G11: So that's why you always say you have some errands to run every time I watch "The Flying Dead".

UMP9: (Sighs) I guess...
Now that you mention it, G11, that is one hell of a long show. You must've watched over 20 seasons...

G11: 26 seasons, then WWIII happened and it just stopped like that.
I was actually really looking forward to the Underwater Zombie King that can do the German suplex in episode 9. He got injected with Virus Ж plus an extra 3L of T-rex embryo in the easter egg after the credit.
Damn I just love biopunk. Love it...

UMP9: I don't really get it...but you sure love this sort of stuff...

416: That's because the only difference between this piece of junk and a zombie is the fact that she does utter something intelligible every now and then.
The kind of thing you watch always puts me to sleep. "Humans are the ultimate enemy" is such a cliché.
I believe the sense of horror brought solely by biting and tearing and gore is the true essence of zombie films.

G11: I don't disagree, but that kind of movie is pretty much extinct, right?
Besides, it's not like we haven't experienced an actual zombie apocalypse...

UMP9: Ugh...I've had enough of this conversation. Let's focus on the mission instead...
Are we there yet, 45?

UMP45: ...

UMP9: 45? Say something!

UMP45: ...Huh?
Oh... We...we're almost there.
Ja, that base just ahead. Let's go.

UMP9: ...
Don't you think...45 has been a bit strange lately?

416: You her reaction sometimes comes a bit slow?

G11: The brain can be the first thing to turn in a zombie...

UMP9: Hey, that conversation is over!
(Sighs) Maybe we should keep an eye on her condition and report it to Zeele when it becomes necessary...

[Fifteen minutes later.]

416: We've taken care of the prep work. What now?

UMP45: Now...we search for a suitable surveillance base to organize our search for the drone.

G11: Is this a tongue twister or something...

UMP45: The mission itself is pretty simple, right?
I'm gonna connect to the network and direct an echelon to figure out an infiltration route.
You guys wait here. I'll give the green light when I'm ready.

UMP9: Sure, 45. We'll wait for your signal.

【Audio File #001】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】
Is her system record wiped?
Yeah, it's completely clean. Won't be able to tell who she is even if you take her neural cloud apart.
Good. Make sure you don't miss the backups either.
Don't worry. The goods will be delivered in batches. Even if the "key" is exposed, no one will trace it to the..."copy".
Hmm. Once the delivery is gone, it'll be out of our hands.
Nothing will go wrong. They'll be monitored.
Wanna boot her up just for a look?
Go on then.
Greetings. Doll Model SSD-D activated and happy to serve. Please select login method.
Logging in as an unregistered user.
Now logged in as an unregistered user. Caution! unable to connect to the Zener Network as an unregistered user. Would you like to bind this Doll's command-issuing authorization?
Binding confirmed. Would you like to activate this Doll with hidden authorization?
Doll activated and entering standby mode.
Hmm... Really can't tell the difference from other Dolls.
This is just a body. Pretty easy to make modifications.
Then let's stick to the plan. Don't let those Griffin pricks find out about this.
Yeah, got it.