Story/Deep Dive/E1-4 (Part1)/Script

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???: ...45?
Wake up! UMP45!

UMP45: Hmm...

UMP45: How...long was I asleep?

UMP9: Not too long. Sier told us your readjustments were complete and asked us to come get you, but...

416: But it's pretty interesting how you were sleeping with your eyes wide open. Never seen that on you before.

G11: You looked like your system had crashed.

UMP45: ...
I was just a bit disoriented from being disconnected abruptly... I don't think I managed to finish the battle.

Sier: Apologies, Miss 45, but there was an emergency...
An unknown T-Doll's signal was suddenly detected while I was inspecting the network.

416: A party crasher? Could it be Sangvis Ferri?

Sier: No, it was a Griffin signal. A T-Doll must have accidentally stumbled into the network.
I'm guessing some new T-Doll must've connected through the wrong port when getting her enrollment authorization.
Dier probably mixed up the ports while he was spacing out.

G11: Then...we could be exposed anytime...

Dier: Nonsense! It was my mistake, alright, but it's not that serious.
Once she entered the network, the security protocol would've locked down her neural cloud due to her being unauthorized.
She wouldn't have been able to access anything and naturally has no chance of discovering you. Just relax!

UMP9: Hey, this is hardly reassuring!
If Griffin finds out a T-Doll's neural cloud has gone missing, they'll come asking questions sooner or later!

UMP45: ...Can you find out who she is?

Dier: I couldn't find a match from the database, so she's probably a new recruit.
But that doesn't matter! I'm gonna kick her out of the network. I just need some time to locate her. Now's your chance to rest up.

UMP45: ...
Let's make the most out of the situation and try to find her in the network.

Dier: Oh? You wanna make this part of the training?

UMP45: We'll be searching for target signals anyway. There's no harm in getting some actual experience.
We can also acquire data about Griffin's newest T-Doll model and help you update your database while we're at it.

G11: there goes my nap?

UMP9: Is this really a good idea, 45? If we're exposed...

UMP45: The real operation will be much more dangerous than being exposed. Instead of worrying about the risks, we should think about how to go about it.
With me here, you guys just have to follow my orders, got it?

416: You're precisely what I'm worried about, 45. We're all worried about your current condition.

UMP45: Don't sweat it. I value myself more than anyone else, but there's really no need to worry for now.

UMP9: ...
Hmm, if that's what you believe, then let's be off!

UMP9: Locating a signal, huh... Guess we should start with collecting data regarding this party crasher's neural cloud.

416: How exactly are we gonna do that?

UMP9: It's very simple actually... Just as how we used the camouflage key just now, we simply have to approach her and bring back the data.
Though it seems like her signal got smashed up so we'll have to find all the fragments.

G11: Sounds like a drag... Can't we just bring one back?

UMP9: It's not like we can't, but that's horrible...
A T-Doll with missing neural cloud data is like a mentally-challenged human.

UMP45: It may just be another training, but don't let down your guard. Let's quickly find all the neural cloud data and bring them back.