Story/Deep Dive/E1-3 (Part2)/Script

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【Audio file #002】
【Decryption complete. Start playing.】 good?
We've already activated the Imprint loading module and tried about 20 firearms, but none of them is fully compatible.
This is tough... Don't go giving us T-Dolls this useless even though it's just for training.
Stop complaining and try a weapon that's less demanding on the T-Doll.
Alright. Matching another firearm...
Insufficient storage. Unable to install fire control system and gyro adjustment software.
Then pick something that requires less storage space and only install the basic software.
Is this a signal-analoging Doll? The internal system itself takes up so much space even in her initial state.
I think it's a model designed for electronic warfare in cyber network. Unfortunately, there's practically no cyber network left in this apocalyptic world, so this destined to be useless.
Basic combat functions installed. As for her weapon...a couple of submachine guns seem to fit the bill.
Pick one of them and load it onto the Imprint system.
Okay, matching complete. But seriously, Griffin won't have any use for this kind of T-Doll, right?
The higher-ups know what they're doing. We just have to follow orders.
Cyber network T-Doll, eh? Ironic, isn't it? I do hope she'll survive a bit longer.
You'd still wanna have her die for you if it ever came to that. After all, T-Dolls exist to protect humanity.
Haha, you have a point.