Story/Deep Dive/E1-3 (Part1)/Script

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[Ten minutes later.]

Sier: Miss UMP45, I'm about to brief the squad on the operation assigned by Miss Persica. Are you ready?

UMP45: I'm in a bad mood. Be concise.

Sier: As you wish. Miss Persica wants Squad 404 to head deep into the heart of Sangvis territory in Area S15 to retrieve a small drone shot down by Sangvis Ferri.
Since the area is badly contaminated as well as heavily fortified, you're to locate the drone with the help of your new electronic signals.
Through the use of the new electronic warfare module, you can harness the computational capacity of other T-Dolls to boost the efficiency of your analog signals within the Zener Network.

UMP45: So that's the purpose of the module we installed...
Did Miss Persica give any detail on the importance of this drone?

Sier: Though the drone was shot down, its connection to the network is still stable, so you can locate it with your new module.
Miss Persica mentioned that this particular drone is of vital importance and must be recovered at all costs.
As for why, she didn't say...

UMP45: You mean she didn't want to say. Not that I need to know.
I don't like people donating us random weird modules, but the price Persica named is way too high...
So high I don't want to imagine what would happen if I had refused.

Sier: Don't worry too much. All that matters is the reward, right?

UMP45: I don't deny it, though I wonder how much I can actually get.
I don't understand why "that person" would take such a big share just to repair some piece of junk...
Well, that's enough grumbling. I bet Persica can't wait to hear about our latest training results?

Sier: Yes, but it's more important to her that you can accomplish the mission without undue risks.
So please proceed to the next training soon.

Sier: When it comes to the actual battle, Sangvis Ferri will very likely attempt to destroy the data stored in the drone through the network.
You'll need stronger allies in bigger numbers on your side. Miss Persica knows very well how important this is.
She has enlisted the help of all off-duty T-Dolls under the commander in Area S09 and directed their computational capacity to the signals of Squad 404. With that, you can make use of other echelons in cyberspace.

UMP45: That will get us through most obstacles.
Sier, get the other three and connect us to the network. Time to get down to business.

Sier: Miss 45...
I just heard about the signal overload...

UMP45: ...
You have an idea about it?

Sier: Dier told me it's a mild side effect caused by the signal being too strong...
But theoretically speaking, moving between consciousness levels shouldn't access data in the storage area...
Besides, none of the other members of Squad 404 has this problem, which leads me to believe there's some other cause.

UMP45: Specifically?

Sier: Unknown for the moment. I just ran a diagnostic on your hardware and neural cloud. Everything is functioning normally.
Still, there can sometimes be inconceivable conflicts among modules, and judging from current observations, they don't seem to be too detrimental, so I think it's not actually a big problem.
I've already asked Dier to adjust the parameters of your neural cloud, and I'll keep monitoring your electroneuralography.

UMP45: Conflicting modules... I don't really like the sound of that.

Sier: Don't worry about it for now and let's run another simulation training.
Rest assured that with more data, your performance will definitely be optimized.


Sier: Miss 45, we'll be readjusting the emission structure of your analog signal shortly. Please keep the signal plugged in the network for a while.
Also, be careful of the offensive firewall. Dier didn't shut it down to save time, so if you run into it, feel free to destroy it.