Story/Deep Dive/E1-2 (Part1)/Script

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[Fifteen minutes later, electronic warfare simulation training preparations complete. Initiating combat mode.]

UMP9: Ahem, right. I'm gonna explain how operations work in the Zener Network. Listen up, you two...

416: ...

G11: ...

UMP9: Actually...
It's not so different than operations in reality!

416: ...Can I go now?

UMP9: W-Wait! I was only throwing in a joke to help you guys relax!

UMP45: Seriously, please pay attention to this.
You're not overwhelmed only because 9 has very thoughtfully synced your vision to the command system in reality.
This makes it possible to move and fight as if we were in real life.

G11: So...we'll have to fight in the network too...

UMP9: Duh, why else would they send us?
Sangvis Ferri will attack us with opposing analog signals. If we launch an attack, we'll have to watch out for their offensive firewalls.

416: Like that weird-looking thingy...over there?

UMP9: Exactly. That thing overloads any target it captures. Worst case, it could burn a T-Doll's processor and core to charcoal.
Best stay away from it unless you wanna die.

G11: This feels...even more dangerous than reality...

UMP9: Now, we could also run into a lot of firewalls and routes that are only accessible to units with high-level authorization in the network.
Of course we could force our way through...but outsmarting them is more of our style.
So in such occasions...

UMP9: Ta-daa! The camouflage key I made will save the day!
To make it easier to understand, I've especially made it based on 416's appearance!

416: You're so doing this on purpose!

G11: Haha, it does look like 416.

416: Tsk... So to put it simply, we can pass through routes that we don't have the authorization for with this camouflage key?

UMP9: Yep, yep! As expected of 416. You understood it at once!
Installing this key onto a route will camouflage our signals as authorized users.
With that, no one will find out about us and we can cruise around in the network to our heart's content!

416: Cruise around my butt... How is this different than what we usually do...?

G11: Hmm... I don't get it. I wanna sleep...

UMP9: Tee-hee, that's how 404 rolls!
Anyhow, we'll just have to sim it once and you'll get the hang of it!
I've set up the simulation training. Let's familiarize ourselves with electronic warfare!