Story/Deep Dive/E1-1 (Part2)/Script

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[Objective complete.]

Sier: There, all your protocols have been upgraded.
The new interface can be synced in the Zener Network using the same route. You should be able to see each other's signal now.

Gr G11: Whoa! What is this place?!

416: Is this what the Zener Network looks like on Consciousness Level II?

UMP9: Oh yeah... Gr G11 and 416 didn't have modules for fighting electronic warfare. This must be your first time infiltrating the Zener Network with an analog signal.

416: Humph, interesting...

Sier: With the new protocol, it is possible to increase the speed of signal emulation by harnessing other T-Dolls' computational capabilities.
Since Miss UMP45 is the leader, the control should go to you.

UMP45: May I? Then let's get along as always in the electronic network.

416: This sucks. Can I refuse?

Gr G11: Let me get this straight. My consciousness is in the network, but my body is still in the maintenance pod...
So am I asleep or awake...?

UMP9: Hmm. Looks like the concept of electronic warfare is too complex for Gr G11's pea-sized brain to wrap around.

UMP45: Just think of it as dreaming. But if you don't work at it, you might never wake up again.

Dier: What are you guys chattering about? Seems you've completely adapted to the new interfacing protocol.
The boss will be in contact soon. I'll have to pull you out when the call comes in.

UMP45: Then we must hurry and help the newbies get the hang of roaming the Zener Network, 9.

UMP9: Okay, leave that to me!