Story/Deep Dive/E1-1 (Part1)/Script

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Persica: Do you...really have to go now?

M4A1: Yes.

Persica: Your performance hasn't been fully tested yet, and it's extremely dangerous outside right now...

M4A1: You know I have to go.
If you must stop me, disconnect me and shut me down.

Persica: ...I get it. You won't change your mind.
My private chopper is on the roof. The Commander will send you the battle coordinates...

M4A1: Thank you...Miss Persica.

[Tactical Doll M4A1 takes her leave.]

Persica: As expected, her neural cloud has started changing after the restriction was removed...
Though this isn't really the time to ponder that.

[Persica initiates a connection.]

System Notice: ...Connected.

Persica: ...

Sound Only: Oh my, is the sun rising in the west? Why else would Lady Persica contact me?

Persica: Don't play dumb. You left that beacon in the Sangvis database, didn't you?

Sound Only: Haha, finally busted.

Persica: Since you know the address, I'm sure you've checked it out.

Sound Only: The beacon is for returning a past favor. Does you no good to ask any more questions.

Persica: You still don't trust me?

Sound Only: If you're just calling to catch up with me, then sorry, I'm very busy at the moment.

Persica: ...Let's change the subject.
I found the surveillance file from back then.
But the drone was shot down in the contamination zone. I need the team to retrieve it for me.

Sound Only: Can't you just send the AR Team?

Persica: Kryuger has transferred all the T-Dolls...

Sound Only: All of them?
Damn, I look forward to seeing Griffin's next operation...

Persica: Are you helping or not?

Sound Only: You can surely guess what actually happened even without looking at the file.

Persica: ...
Even so...I have to see it with my own eyes...
I'm sure you understand how I feel.

Sound Only: Tsk...
Fine. But just to make this clear, the price is not negotiable. We're making a living here, you know.

Persica: As long as I have the file, name your price.

"No matter what, you must live on."
"Even T-Dolls have a reason to live for their own sake."
"Not for anyone. YOUR own sake."

UMP45: ...
This flashback again...

Voice of a girl: Electronic cache replacement complete. Neural cloud database sequence optimized. Neural consciousness returned to Level II.
Outdated internal encrypted file detected - awaiting command to backup, transfer, or delete.

UMP45: All denied.

Voice of a boy: It's a waste of space storing this antique in your neural cloud. Let me delete it for you!

UMP45: Permission denied. Touch it and I'll tear off your limbs then throw them underneath tank treads.

Voice of a girl: Alright. Just leave it, Dier. Maintenance is almost over.

Voice of a boy: Tsk, if that's what Sier says...
Okay, okay. Consciousness returned to Level I. We can now reactivate the body.

UMP9: It's finally over?
The maintenance took surprisingly long this time. How are you feeling, 45?

UMP45: Pretty normal, I guess. My body feels a lot lighter though.

416: (Sighs) ...
Waking up in this grimy basement ruins my mood every time...

Gr G11: When are you EVER in a good mood...? I for one had a really nice nap...

Sier: I'm really sorry... We only managed to find this basement of this unfrequented cafe...

Dier: Tsk, you shouldn't have to apologize, Sier!
Renegade T-Dolls like you should be grateful for even getting maintenance!

UMP9: Oh? Perhaps 416 misses the bright and spacious Repair Bay back at Griffin?

UMP45: Who are you kidding, 9? 416's pampered body deserves something MUCH better than Griffin's Repair Bay. Like this place.

416: Tsk... Not that I have a choice.

UMP9: Alright, stop sulking. Have you seen my jacket?

[...Beep beep beep.]

Sier: Oh, just a moment... We're receiving a call.

Gr G11: Whoa... Don't tell me we're getting a job right after maintenance...

Sier: New electronic interfacing protocol upgrade pack transfer initiated. Download in progress...
Um... The boss requires all members of Squad 404 to have it installed.

416: What...does that weirdo want us to install this time...?

UMP45: As always, is she gonna tell us only after the installation?

Dier: Okay stop complaining and lie down. I'm gonna move your consciousness back to Level II again.

UMP9: Hurray, Gr G11! Another nap~

Gr G11: Sigh... But I have a feeling it's gonna be a nightmare...

Sier: Prepare for consciousness transfer - three, two, one, begin.

Dier: Right, you know the rules. Enjoy the game!

UMP45: (Sigh) I knew it...