Story/Cube+/E1-3 (Part1)/Script

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[An hour later.]

Architect: Well, M4A1, you’ve kept me waiting for a long time.
I know you. You’re indecisive… but not cowardly.

M4A1: …
Haven’t you realized, Architect?
Our echelons are about to take over your command post.

Architect: Huh? Are you trying to pull my leg? There’s no Griffin signal at all!

M4A1: Are you sure? Maybe you just haven’t noticed.
Maybe our barrels will be nudging your temple the next second.

Architect: Hahahaha! It’s not working!
You wanna draw me outside? Not happening!
Come at me! I’ll blow every Griffin T-Doll I find to pieces!


M99: M4A1, is everything okay?

M4A1: I’ll be fine...
Compared to my being locked up here, you and the others have it a lot worse.
Not to mention, there will be casualties in the following operation.
However, as long as you have faith in me, I will not give up.

M99: …(Smiles).
The first time I was on a Griffin mission, a vet told me,
“There is no glory in death, but victory always comes with a price.”

M4A1: ...I understand.
Victory is precisely what we’re here for.
Now let us begin.


Architect: Griffin buggers, I have the feeling...that you’ve already started making your move.
The question is, do you have the guts to fight me head-on, or are you gonna sneak in here?
Whichever you choose, you will be very warmly received.
So do keep up your efforts and do your best in committing suicide. Hahahahahahaha!