Story/Cube+/E1-2 (Part1)/Script

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[20 minutes later.]

M99: M4A1?
Miss M4A1?

M4A1: ….Ah.
M4A1: Sorry… What’s the situation?

M99: We have all made it safely through the battle zone. No sign of Hunter being in pursuit.

M4A1: Is that so…? Thank goodness...

M99: P08 bought us this chance with her own life...
So now isn’t the time to grieve...

M4A1: After everything...
I’m not entirely sure...if I even make a good commander...

M99: …If it hadn’t been for you, we’d have all died here.
P08 once said that as long as a T-Doll can come out alive with her neural cloud,
Everyone’s sacrifice would be worth it...

M4A1: (Sighs)...
(Again with the “you’re the only one who can do this”…)
(Why is it always me…)

M99: M4A1… are you listening?

M4A1: Ah...
So the objective is complete as long as one of you survives?

M99: Objectively speaking, that’s right.

M4A1: I know...
I don’t want to lose anyone else, but I can only try my best...for this objective...
M99, seeing that P08 and Vikhr are both...gone, and SuperSASS is engaging the enemy directly...
May I ask you to be my adjutant?

M99: Oh, sure.
I’m not that experienced, but I’ll do whatever I can to assist you.

M4A1: Good. Please be ready to report any noteworthy Sangvis movements to me.
I’ll focus on withdrawing our forces and searching for the transmission device.
(I can’t let anything else distract me.)
(I have to concentrate and look at the bigger picture…)


M99: M4A1, Sangvis Ringleader Executioner has started patrolling in this zone. Please watch out for her movement.

M4A1: Understood. I will adjust my tactics accordingly.

Colt Revolver: M4A1! I didn’t find any Sangvis signal, but there are a bunch of explosives in the warehouse.

M4A1: Got it. Take them with you. They could come in handy later.