Story/Cube+/E1-1 (Part2)/Script

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M99: M99 reporting in! M99 reporting in!
Sangvis Ringleader Hunter has emerged near the command post. Would all teams please accelerate your search progress.

Super SASS: This is Super SASS. No Sangvis signals detected in Hall 4.

AAT-52: This is AAT-52. Nothing in Campsite 2 either!

SR-3MP: Hey, P08. This is like finding a needle in a haystack.
S.F. isn’t stupid. They won’t just leave the device lying around randomly. Why don’t we head straight to their command post and have a look?

P08: M99 just said Hunter was spotted around the command post. We should steer clear of it.

SR-3MP: Humph. No risk, no reward.
Besides, M4A1 can surely handle a small fry like Hunter, right?

M4A1: Huh? That…should be fine...

SR-3MP: That settles it then. I’ll give it a shot while Hunter is busy repairing herself.
I’m gonna start making the preparation. It’ll be up to you, M4A1.