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[System Prompt] Spoiler alert - Please only proceed with the following battle after completing Episode 7 and Operation Hypothermia or reading their combat records.
Commanders who have not completed Episode 7 are recommended to exit by pressing “skip”. If you keep tapping, you will be considered to have acknowledged the recommendation.


[System Prompt] Retrieving combat records.

[...The Sangvis Mastermind appeared in Sector S05 and severed M4A1’s Imprint in an ambush.]
[...Griffin successfully captured enemy Ringleader unit Architect at a Sangvis base in Operation Hypothermia.]

[System Prompt] Combat records loading. Reconstructing environment...


???: M4A1...

M4A1: Hmm...
What happened to me...?
Is this…a Sangvis control room?
What on earth happened... after that figure appeared?
How did I get here...?

???: M4! M4A1!
Have you come to?!

M4A1: ...Transmission request?

[M4A1 takes the call.]

P08: M4A1, where are you?
We need your help!

M4A1: Huh? What... help?

P08: There’s a command desk at your location, right?
Please open the electronic map and study the situation outside.

M4A1: ...?!!
What the hell is going on out there?!

SR-3MP: Humph, you want to know what the hell is going on?
We only got cornered this badly because you decided to sleep through it all!
Sheesh. I told you. The AR Team doesn’t give a damn about us!

P08: Stop it, Vikhr. This isn’t M4A1’s fault!
We must all work as a team if we want to get out of this alive!

M4A1: P08...could you please explain what happened?
There seems to be something wrong...with my memory...

P08: Miss M4A1, the situation is rather dire so I’ll be brief.
S.F. is launching a full-scale offensive on Griffin. They have already obliterated multiple areas using Parapluie, Jupiter and various other new weaponry.
Sector S06, where we’re in right now, is one of the very few remaining areas still under Griffin control...

M4A1: ?! How can this be...?
What happened...while I was out...?
What about M16? And SOP-II? Where are they?

P08: …I’m sorry, Miss M4A1, we’ll talk about that after we survive this.
You’re safe where you are and S.F. won’t pose any threat to you.

M4A1: But I’m... in an Sangvis control room?
I don’t know how to get out. The door is locked.

P08: I’m really sorry but there’s nothing we can do about your situation, but we do need your help. …Your former colleague told us to contact you through this channel.
You’re the only T-Doll equipped with an advanced command module here so could you please direct us away from danger?

M4A1: ...
A request from M16...?
Understood. I’ll do everything I can...

P08: Thank you very much, M4A1. At least now we stand a chance.
Please take a look at the map. I’ll explain the current operation plan as your temporary adjudant.
S.F. is using new tactical tech in this assault. All vanguard Ringleaders’ actions are under the direct control of an AI core.
This AI core is under heavy guard deep in the battlefield and is extremely hard for us to get to.
However, what we CAN get to is the transmission device hidden in its vicinity.
We can sever the AI core’s control over the vanguard Ringleaders by destroying this device.

M4A1: So we have to find this Sangvis transmission device? How?

P08: We have a specialized search party. They’re currently scattered around the area looking for it.
M4A1, all you have to do is cut off the enemy’s intel network and make sure they remain undetected.

M4A1: Got it… Let me see...
(What on earth is going on? Things aren’t adding up to the memory in my neural cloud…)
(Griffin under attack… Losing friends and memory… Being locked up in a place like this for whatever reason…)
(No, I don’t have time for this… I have to get everyone out first!)
Just to confirm, simply taking over the Sangvis command post will do, correct?

SR-3MP: Yes, but watch out for Sangvis forces. I hope you know your night ops. You’d better not have us run right up to their faces.

M4A1: I’m not particularly experienced with night ops, but I have basic night op tactical knowledge.
Please leave it to me. I’ll complete the mission to the best of my ability.


M99: M99 reporting in! M99 reporting in!
Sangvis Ringleader Hunter has emerged near the command post. Would all teams please accelerate your search progress.

M4A1: So M99 is the T-Doll in charge of the search...
P08, what’s your method of searching for the Sangvis transmission device?

P08: The transmission signal is encrypted with some new tech and can only be detected in close proximity.
So all we can do for now is conduct a blanket search and hope we get lucky.
I know it’s very dangerous, but there’s no other way.

SR-3MP: Humph. Which is’d better make it less dangerous for us.