Story/Arctic Warfare/Epilogue (Part2)/Script

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[Meanwhile, in the Factory at Griffin HQ.]

Helian: Mr. Kryuger, our freighters have completed the cannon extraction.

Kryuger: Fantastic. Serendipity never fails to cheer me up.
Helian: (Chuckles) Perhaps this has something to do with your previous job?

Kryuger: I don’t deny that.
Besides, not many contractors can get their hands on the Military’s technology.

Helian: By the way, the Commander is still on the frontlines. Should we give the order to withdraw?

Kryuger: Not yet.
If the Commander’s team is still holding up, keep the operation going.
Reward them according to their performance in battle after the withdrawal.

Helian: Are you...testing the Commander’s limit?

Kryuger: Not testing. Exploring.
We’ll need that knowledge one day.
Regarding Squad 404, have the neural clouds of all witnesses been wiped?

Helian: Yes. However, there is still some leftover memory in M16A1...

Kryuger: I know. Things from before the creation of 404 don’t matter.
Give them a holiday. They need it.
Perhaps we need one, too.

Helian: When the Commander returns, perhaps we should organize a banquet...
To celebrate spring, festivities, victory, and all things bright and beautiful...
To give thanks to the Commander as well as the T-Dolls. They have all worked hard.

Kryuger: No problem. You’re in charge.

Helian: Play your part too, Mr. Kryuger. Try to come up with a speech that isn’t so rigid.

Kryuger: That’s gonna be tough.
I’m not sure if I can finish it before the Commander makes it back.

Helian: Don’t worry. The Commander is going to last very long.
How about a bet? On who’s the first to finish their job?

Kryuger: Well, let’s wait and see...