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Story/Arctic Warfare/Epilogue (Part1)/Script

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[While the AR Team and co. are getting out of danger, in a Griffin temporary command post.]

Helian: Good morning, Commander.
Good work in the previous rescue mission. It must have been tough mobilizing so many teams on such short notice.
The ad-hoc operation was extremely risky, but we gave the green light because we have complete faith in you.
We will give you a special award in honor of your valor.
However, the battle is not over yet, and we’re giving you a special assignment...

Persica: Let me do the talking, Helian.
Long time no see, Commander.
While we were on the way, the captured Sangvis unit mentioned something...

Architect: Hey! I have a name! I’m Architect!
And that was a slip of the tongue! Don’t believe me!

Persica: Please refer to the screen...
According to the Sangvis unit, this is a cannon that Sangvis Ferri modified independently from the prototype of a military weapon.
I’m curious how Mastermind managed to make such calculations with just the AI of T-Dolls.

Architect: Humph, we’re all very clever? Aren’t you jealous?

Persica: Meanwhile, I’m also very curious about the Military’s weapons tech.
Which is why, Commander, Kryuger has agreed to dispatch a large squadron to transport a prototype of the Jupiter cannon.

Architect: Hey, that is our baby! I won’t let you take it apart! Or move it away!

Helian: Redo her gag, Tommy.

Architect: Mmmm...! Hnnnng...!

Persica: The only problem is this mortar is huge, so it’s gonna take some time to have it dismantled and transported.
Before we’re done, could you please fend off the Sangvis attack?
It’s not gonna take too long, Commander. You have my thanks.