Story/Arctic Warfare/E1-4 (Part2)/Script

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Gager: The legendary AR Team?
Unfortunately for you, there will be no escape.
I am by no means underestimating you. I have investigated the supplies and T-Dolls you acquired along your way.
It is impossible for you to break through this blockade in your current situation.

RO635: Dammit! The cannons are too deadly. The enemy clearly anticipated our moves.
This is not going to end well. Should we retreat first...

M16A1: RO, we can’t beat Gager in attrition warfare!

M4 SOPMOD II: I don’t care anymore! Let’s just go out in a bang!

???: Please hold it.

RO635: …?!
Encrypted channel…
Who are you?

M16A1: Don’t tell me… Another Sangvis Ringleader?

M1887: Griffin Tactical Doll M1887.
RO635, lead your team and keep Gager busy.
I will find an opportunity to sever the cannons’ power source.

RO635: Alone? For us?

M1887: For all of us.

M16A1: Caution, RO. She’s using a Sangvis channel.

M1887: This is my way of staying undercover and keeping my location safe.

M4 SOPMOD II: RO…can we trust her?

RO635: …
M1887, are you really a member of Griffin?

M1887: I know who I am, RO635…
And whom I serve.

RO635: Then I believe you. I hope you don’t disappoint us when we meet.
We’ll retreat for now and prepare for the next attack!