Story/Arctic Warfare/E1-3 (Part1)/Script

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[Half an hour later.]

M16A1: The weather seems to have improved a bit, but visibility is still crap…
Can you see the heliport on your side, RO?

RO635: (Squints) No, I...can’t...

M4 SOPMOD II: Hey, I see it! It’s over there!
But…I’m not seeing any aircraft or supplies...

M16A1: That’s not good. We’re gonna run out of rations soon.
If we keep moving around in the open, we’re gonna be immobilized soon...


Helian: M16, are you still there?
What I was trying to say, is that the flurry is rendering a paradrop incredibly difficult.
Our drone can only make it to the heliport when the weather improves, and it’ll have to withdraw immediately afterwards.

M16A1: Which means we’ll have to seize the window of opportunity to re-supply at the heliport, correct?

Helian: Yes, I’ll inform you of the intervals between flurries. Time your request for the supplies carefully.
Furthermore, another important T-Doll crashlanded in this area along with the freighter.
She’s equipped with very valuable technical modules, so please get her out of there.

M16A1: Copy that. Who exactly is this T-Doll?

Helian: M1887, an elite T-Doll armed with a shotgun.
The last time we got in touch, she was in the shelter in the center of this area.
You’ll have to enter through the southeastern route and go around the enemy’s cannon blockade.

M16A1: Orders confirmed. We’ll set off for the shelter right away.