Story/Arctic Warfare/E1-2 (Part2)/Script

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M4 SOPMOD II: M16, look at that!

M16A1: …!
Is that… Jupiter?!

RO635: That’s right, it’s a Jupiter cannon.
Keep your distance. We don’t stand a chance against its firepower.

M16A1: What do you know about this thing, RO?

RO635: We’ve run into something like this when patrolling human settlements in the past.
According to Persica’s research, Sangvis Ferri probably acquired cannon technology after hacking into the Military’s database.
Codenamed “Marduk” internally, it’s most definitely developed especially to thwart us.

M4 SOPMOD II: Humph, “Griffin Killers”, are they?
But there’s a way to deal with them, right?

RO635: It’s almost impossible to take them head-on, but from what we’ve learned in our previous operation…
If we coordinate our forces to seize the checkpoints surrounding a mortar, we can hack into its system and significantly reduce its firepower.
M16A1: That’s to say, we can neutralize its threat as long as we have it completely surrounded, right?

RO635: Precisely. If we really have to go against one, that’s the best way to go at it.
Surround it first, then charge at it and take it out.

M16A1: Well…guess we should pray this battle doesn’t come too soon…

RO635: Yeah, only think about it after we replenish our supplies.
Right now...we can hardly move as it is with the cold and the hunger...

[HINT] To take over a cannon node, occupying its surrounding nodes first can greatly reduce the cannon’s firepower.