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Story/Arctic Warfare/E1-1 (Part1)/Script

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[About 40 days after the operation in Area S05...]
[The AR Team is on an aircraft returning from a visit to M4A1...]

M4 SOPMOD II: M16...
Hey, M16.

M16A1: ...

What in the world happened to her?

M16A1: Well…
According to Persica, her neural cloud is damaged and her Imprint severed...
Even though the neural cloud has now been repaired, the Imprint link still needs to be re-established. Until then, she won’t be able to hold a weapon properly...

M4 SOPMOD II: How could that be… I’ve never heard of such things before...

RO635: Well… don’t despair, yet.
As the tech provider for T-Dolls, I’m sure 16Lab will be able to get M4 back to how she was.
What we need to do for now...is get back into top form ourselves and wait for her to come back…

M16A1: You’re right… Let’s get a good rest once we’re back and wait for our next assignment.

M4 SOPMOD II: I hope it’s gonna be a full-scale counterattack. It’s been ages since my last proper fight - I’m itching for a good one.

M16A1: Humph. Didn’t you tear some Sangvis mobs to shreds just days ago...?

M4 SOPMOD II: I have no memory of that, so it doesn’t count.
I’n gonna remember everything clearly next time!


M16A1: Tsk…
RO635: What is it, M16?

M16A1: A transmission from Helian.
An urgent one at that…
RO, you’d better…

RO635: (Nods)

Helian: M16, are you guys still on the aircraft?!

M16A1: Uh, yeah…
ETA in three hours…

Helian: Change your course immediately according to Plan C!
Area S03, which you’re flying over right now, has suddenly come under the attack of numerous Jupiter cannons!
A freighter plane was destroyed in the area just three minutes ago! You must find a way to steer clear of that airspace, do you copy?!

M16A1: Got it! Adjusting the course right now! We’ll be...


M16A1: Hey! What happened?!

M4 SOPMOD II: We’re hit!

M16A1: Dammit!
Miss Helian! Do you copy?! The rudder of our plane got scraped by a shell!
I’ve already sent out a distress signal. Please mount a rescue immediately, Miss Helian!
Tsk, comms are down. We’re losing altitude!
Hold on tight! Don’t let go!


M4A1: M16.
Wake up, M16.

M16A1: M4?
Is that you?
How come you’re here?

M4A1: Is that strange?
Open your eyes and look at me...
Haven’t you...been asking to see me?

M16A1: ...?!

M4 SOPMOD II: M16? Are you okay?

M16A1: …
Did you kill those Sangvis units for me?

M4 SOPMOD II: Just mobs attracted by the noise. Piece of cake.
Is your neural cloud stable? Just now you looked a bit…

M16A1: Phew…
Thanks, SOP II. I’m okay.

RO635: You sure, M16?

M16A1: (Stands up) Positive.
What’s our status?

RO635: Not good. I’m afraid we’ve crashed into the heart of Sangvis territory.
We’d better leave this place as soon as possible before we’re detected.

M16A1: True. You have full command, RO.
But...I can’t compare with M4 in terms of experience in dealing with emergencies...

M4 SOPMOD II: Don’t worry. You have our experience to work with. Now get us outta here!!

RO635: Understood. Please lend me your strength.
We only have one single objective - leave this place safely.
We can’t do this on our own. I’ll need you to get in touch with Helian and get a rescue plan from her, M16.

M16: But the weather conditions are terrible right now and the signal isn’t too stable.
We have to find a communication outpost first.

M4 SOPMOD II: Not only is the signal weak, we’re also freezing to death, and we’re running low on rations...
There’s snow everywhere and we can’t see a thing…

RO635: Let’s find somewhere with a clearer view first so that I can study the terrain and come up with a plan.
Move carefully. This area has been occupied by S.F. not long ago, and we’re on our own…

Then let’s get a move on. It’s too cold here. If I don’t keep moving, I’m gonna freeze!

RO635: Be careful. The terrain is way too steep here. Once we go down, we won’t be able to come back up.

M16A1: Hmm…
Maybe we should stay and make sure…

M4 SOPMOD II: Haha, it’s a slide!
Here I come!!!!!!! (Slides off)

M16A1: ...

RO635: ...The coast seems clear. Let’s go.

[HINT] Routes marked with arrows are one-way tracks. Bear in mind that you cannot backtrack once you have traveled in the direction of the arrow.