Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-4 (Part2)/Script

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[... In the Griffin base, outside Architect's room.]
[A Dinergate rushes in and jumps onto the desk before pushing the present it's been entrusted with through the supply port.]
[It runs off right after that, as though it has sensed the angry cries in the distance.]
[Architect curiously picks up the gift and examines it...]

Architect: Haha, you really do have a gift for me every year, my dear Lady Knight.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to give you a present in return this year either...
Still, Merry Christmas...

[... Behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]

Gager: My plan succeeded, I'm heading over to the rendezvous point to wait for you.
You've got 10 minutes to show up.

Destroyer: What? Your plan succeeded?!
Wait a minute, I've lost contact with all my Dinergates...

Gager: An expected outcome.
Hurry up and fall back. Griffin will find you if you stay there, and I trust you don't want to end up keeping that idiot company.

[... The transmission ends.]

Destroyer: B-but...

[Destroyer glances back and forth between the jet-black screen of her radar sensor and her chronometer.]

Destroyer: Ughhh... What should I do?
I'm out of time, and I don't have anything to show for a day's worth of hard work...

[Destroyer flops down on the ground and starts crying loudly.]

Commander: Is someone crying?

[Destroyer hurriedly shushes herself and burrows into the nearest patch of vegetation.]
[She can hear the Commander's footsteps slowly approaching...]

Destroyer: Oh no... Is Griffin going to capture me too... ?
I don't want to humiliate myself like Architect...
If Dreamer finds outs, she'll make fun of me for years...
I might as well just blow myself up...

[The Commander's footsteps stop in front of a trembling bush that bulges in a strange way before smiling tiredly.]

Commander: Ahem. While I don't know where you're from, you sound like you haven't gotten a present.
As it happens, I have an extra one on me, so I'll leave it here.
Merry Christmas.

[Destroyer's eyes seem to blaze in the darkness, and she charges at the voice's source with a speed she's never shown before...] [Bonk—]
[Destroyer's hard forehead collides with the Commander's chin, as the latter is kneeling in front of the bush...]

Destroyer: M-Merry Christmas!

[While the Commander is still dazed from the collision, Destroyer takes advantage of this and speeds off with present in hand.]

[...At the rendezvous point.]

Gager: And here I was thinking I wouldn't see you until after we captured the Griffin base.

Destroyer: You should save your vivid imagination for making up an excuse to give to Agent.

Gager: ...
So you managed to get that present you wanted so badly in the end?
Let's go.

Destroyer: Yeah, but if we go back empty-handed after expending all these resources, won't Agent...

Gager: Don't worry.
Besides, you won't remember anything once you wake up.

Destroyer: ...

[... Near the Griffin base. The stricken Commander spends a long time in a daze before finally managing to get up.]

Commander: Which base was that Doll from, anyway?
Why does it feel like the whole world is out to get me today...

[As the commander was halfway through muttering to himself, he hears Springfield call out from behind.]

Springfield: Commander?

Commander: Hm?

[The Commander looks back and sees the T-Dolls all assembled in a lively gathering, with several of them under the Christmas tree—]

Springfield: Aren't you going to join us at the party? Everyone's waiting for you.

FAL: Thanks for the scarf, Commander!
I like it a lot; I didn't expect you to have such good taste...

Gr G36: Look, Commander! I love this—

SVD: Don't move around, FAL. I'll cut the tag for you.

[The Commander smiles, then winces in pain before walking back to the others while cradling a swollen jaw.]

Commander: Alright, I'm coming.


[...Inside the Command Center.]
[Kalina is double-checking the details of the base repair expenses with HQ.]

Kalina: ...
Mm, bill it to Area S09's Commander.
Yes, it's still the same account.

[After putting down the phone, Kalina looks outside at the Commander, who's heading towards the base, and sighs from the bottom of her heart.]

Kalina: Sorry about this, Commander...


[... At the lively Griffin base party.]
[As everyone is engrossed in opening and showing their presents off to each other, a sinister silhouette approaches the DVD player, which is currently looping some chill Christmas carols.]

Suomi: I can't believe they're playing something so plain and boring even though it's Christmas.
A big event like this deserves music that's just as grand and spectacular!

[Suomi pulls out a death metal album with a black CD case from inside her coat, then gently slides it into the DVD player. As she turns the volume all the way up and presses the play button, she can't help but whisper to herself—]

Suomi: Fire—!


[... An explosion jolts Gr G11 awake from her dreams.]

Gr G11: Ugh... What's going on?

[Gr G11 rubs her eyes and climbs off the bed.]

Gr G11: Whoa— Where am I?

[Gr G11 squints and looks around.]

Gr G11: Um... isn't this the Commander's room?
Why am I sleeping here?

[Gr G11's eyes are drawn to the bill displayed on the monitor.]

Gr G11: What a long string of numbers... That's a lot of money!
That scary UMP45... Did she sell me to the Commander at last?

[The abrupt sound of hasty footsteps outside the door startles Gr G11 so much she squeals and tries to flee through the window, only to crash into a warm embrace.]

416: Where are you running, Gr G11?! You almost knocked me down!

Gr G11: Where did you guys go (sobs)—

UMP9: Hahaha, don't cry, take a look at this!

[Gr G11 rubs her eyes and sees an out-of-print Undersea Zombie King action figure from "The Flying Dead"!]

Gr G11: Wooowww—

UMP45: This piece of merch costs as much as you'd make in ten lifetimes of working for me, not counting inflation and collectors' value. Which means, Gr G11—

[Gr G11 doesn't wait for UMP45 to finish before she climbs onto 416's back.]

Gr G11: I know, I'll follow you forever...

[As everyone laughs, Gr G11 clings to 416's back, delighted with the figure in her hands...]

Gr G11: Merry Christmas... Hehe...


???: There really isn't anything else, Commander.
???: You can stop tapping now.
???: We're going to go celebrate Christmas—
???: Merry Christmas, dearest Commander!