Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-3 (Part2)/Script

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[... At an obscure corner near the Griffin base.]

Destroyer: Hehe, you think you can beat me like this?
You Griffin Dolls really are naive. You followed the routes I mapped out and gave my Dinergate room to escape.

Gager: Sounds like things are going well on your end.

Destroyer: Of course! I came up with this plan, after all!
Now, all I need to do is have it run into the pile of gifts and those stupid Griffin T-Dolls won't be able to catch me anymore!
My present delivery is about to arrive, hahaha...

[... At the site of the pandemonium in the Griffin base.]
[The Dinergate tiredly squirms through a gap in the T-Dolls' encirclement and as ordered, it makes one last sprint towards the pile of gifts...]

Springfield: From the way it's moving... Looks like it's planning to escape into the present heap...

WA2000: CZ75! It's headed your way!v
CZ75: Leave it to me, I'll chop you to—

[CZ75 calculates the position where the Dinergate will be, and then she pulls her axe back before bringing it down in a cleaving strike. However, she misses.]
[OTs-44 gently tugs on CZ75's sleeve.]

OTs-44: Look... the Dinergate suddenly stopped moving...

[Only then does CZ75 notice that the frantically scampering Dinergate has suddenly come to a complete stop, holding its just-about-to-jump-into-the-pile-of-presents pose...]

[Destroyer watches the proceedings through her viewscreen in confusion.]

Destroyer: What's going on... ? Why isn't it responding to my orders anymore?
Its internal temperature is spiking...
But I didn't install any kind of self-destruct mode into it...

[Curious, the Griffin T-Dolls lean closer.]

Suomi: Maybe it crashed because it overheated from using too much power?

Gr MG5: You mean it overheated from just that bit of moving around?

Suomi and Gr MG5 carefully approach the motionless Dinergate...

WA2000: Wait—!

[Before WA2000's warning registers, it is drowned out by the sound of an explosion.]


Suomi: Aaaahhhhh—

Gr MG5: Scheiße!

[The Dinergate suddenly explodes, and the pile of presents is engulfed in flames...]
[The T-Dolls' wails of despair echo off the ceiling.]

Am RFB: NOOOOO! I worked so hard on my present...

SAA: Nooooo! Wait, put down my cola!

SVD: Should you be worrying about your cola at a time like this?!

Springfield: I'll go activate the fire suppression system, you head to the cleaning closet over there to get some water to put out the fire.

[Kalina clutches her hair in anguish, her face as dark as the burnt walls of the base.]

Kalina: How did things end up this way... ?
Don't expect me to cover the base repair bills!

[... At the same time, behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]
[Destroyer is so worked up she jumps out of the pile of vegetation she's been hiding in.]

Destroyer: How did things end up like this?! Nooooooo!
Wait, I have other Dinergates I can control...
I can still do this...

[The Griffin T-Dolls dissolve into chaos once more. Everyone is fumbling to put out the fire and working their hardest to salvage their scorched gifts...]
[When the smoke clears, they see a sooty T-Doll dangling in mid-air before their eyes...]

WA2000: Why are you hanging around here, ART556?

ART556: Um... I, uh... I can explain...

[ART556 falls silent for a while.]

ART556: It's like this! I was doing a chimney inspection nearby when I suddenly saw smoke coming out of the chimney, so I came over to check it out!
Who'd have thought that a Dinergate had suddenly exploded inside the base and started the fire, so I hurriedly lowered myself on a rope to try and put out the blaze...

FAL: You sure know a lot for someone who was separated from all this by a thick ceiling.

Gr MG5: And if you WERE putting out the fire, why would you need such a big, not to mention flammable sack?

M21: It's big enough to fit ART556 inside...

ART556: This... I...

OTs-44: Huh? ART556 has a Dinergate case on her! Isn't it from a Griffin Dinergate?

ART556: ...
Say what?!
Crap! I forgot to throw it away!

[SVD tightens her grip around a glass bottle and smiles coldly as she approaches ART556.]

SVD: If you don't tell the truth, I'll pour this bottle of vodka down your nose.

[ART556 looks fearfully at the vodka SVD is holding and shudders.]
[With everyone interrogating her, ART556 has no choice but to spill the beans...]

WA2000: ...
SAA: ...
Am RFB: ...

ART556: ...
Why don't you guys say something? Let me down, c'mon—

SVD: ... Just leave her up there.

ART556: Nooooo! I'm really sorry!

[Not only do the Griffin T-Dolls express their agreement, some even tie ART556 more securely in her own rope before going off to search for their presents, leaving ART556 to weep mournfully as she dangles in mid-air...]