Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-3 (Part1)/Script

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[... In the Griffin base.]

Kalina: Looks like everyone's ready. In that case, let's start gathering the presents at the appointed location!
No need to push, everyone! Line up single-file in front of me for registration!

FAL: Quit shoving me, I'll turn you into a snowman if you get my clothes wrinkled.

[Fel the Ferret growls threateningly.]

SAA: Whoa, FAL's shoving her way forward while she's complaining!

Am RFB: Careful with that cola, it's dripping on my console!

WA2000: Hey! Aren't you lot getting too excited about this?

OTs-44: There's dolls pushing all around me, I've been lifted off my feet...

Ameli: Uh... where am I... I can't see anything except legs...

M21: Stay close, M14! It would be bad if your fire control core gets popped out from all these dolls pushing us!

[Overhearing M21's words, Gr MG5's hands freeze in place. She gives them a look that is normally reserved for idiots.]

M14: Don't worry, if your fire control core gets popped out we'll visit you at the cafe every day...

[Gr MG5 does a double-take, now fully in disbelief.]

Gr MG5: It seems S.F. has finally developed some kind of idiot ray...
M14's IQ is now on the same level as M21's. How could any Doll believe that their fire control cores can just pop out like that?!

Springfield: Everyone, please line up. There's no need to push...

[As she watches the live broadcast from the Dinergates, Destroyer has a good idea of what is currently happening in the Griffin base.]

Destroyer: Hehe, you stupid Griffin Dolls.
I just need to figure out how to navigate your base, and then the presents you put so much effort into preparing will be mine!
Lady Luck is still on my side, hahahahaha...
Now go, start plotting the route!

[After receiving their orders, the S.F. Dinergates nimbly split up and head out.]
[One of them sneaks through the dorm corridors, computing the ideal escape route.]
[Suddenly, a foot presses down upon its body, pinning it in place.]

ART556: Teehee, objective secured. ♪

[As Destroyer watches the Dinergate getting dragged into the darkness from the live feed, all she can do is clench her fists...]

Destroyer: Dammit, dammit, dammit!
Why does Griffin have such unruly Dolls...
I need to find a way to get that Dinergate out of there...

[... Inside the dorms.]
[ART556 places her captured Dinergate — all trussed-up like a turkey — into a repair bay.]

ART556: Hehe, time to begin my perfect plan!
For starters, I'll modify this Dinergate to look like one of S.F.'s.
Then, I'll send it to the present storage area.
That's bound to cause chaos, and I can simply help myself to the presents amidst the confusion! Hahahahaha!

[As ART556 talks excitedly to herself and works with her tools, the poor Dinergate is reminded of the terror it just went through...]
[On the other side of the connection, Destroyer chews on her thumb and frowns. She finally manages to relax upon grasping the situation.]

Destroyer: Whew— good thing she only changed its external appearance. This Dinergate is still under my control.
I might as well just play along with her plan...

[... Half an hour later.]
[Inside the Griffin base.]

Kalina: Alright, we've finished counting up the presents!
After this, take the number you drew and find the present which matches it.
Hope everyone gets something they like~
Wait, what's that?

[A Sangvis Dinergate suddenly pops up in front of the Griffin Dolls. The poor, defenseless critter shivers for a moment, and then immediately runs off in despair.]

CZ75: That's a Sangvis Dinergate!

Suomi: Go! Get it!

[The Sangvis Dinergate darts through the Griffin Dolls' legs, nimbly avoiding all the obstacles in its path.]

WA2000: Ahhhh, what a pain! I'll try to flank and block it!

SAA: Hold my cola, I'll help too!

Am RFB: Hehe, I just cleared this map, nobody can beat me at parkour!

M21: M14, look! My prediction came true—

[M14 — who has been aiming at the Dinergate — loses her concentration as she compliments M21.]

M14: Well done!
[The Sangvis Dinergate takes the opportunity to brush past M14's legs.]

M14: Whoaaaa! Did the Dinergate touch us?! It touched us, right?!

[The tiny silhouette of the Dinergate continues weaving through the Griffin Dolls, leaving chaos and shrieks in its wake.]
[ART556 lowers a rope down the chimney, nodding to herself in satisfaction as she watches the excitement unfold.]

ART556: Just as planned. Now I can help myself to the presents like the cool thief that I am...

[And so, beneath her feet, chaos unfolds...]