Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-2 (Part1)/Script

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[... Behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]

Gager: So what's this plan of yours?

Destroyer: Remember the tech Mastermind recently developed?

Gager: You mean the one-way jam in comm links or the augmentation mammapla—

[Destroyer clamps a hand fearfully over Gager's mouth and gingerly touches the bridge of her own nose.]

Destroyer: Neither! I'm talking about simulating Griffin signals!

Gager: The one that allows us to temporarily disguise our Sangvis signals as Griffin's?
That's completely experimental technology, and only proves effective for about 30 minutes.

Destroyer: Yeah, but that's more than enough.

[At Gager's thoughtful nod, Destroyer grabs a Dinergate and starts tinkering with it enthusiastically.]

Destroyer: As long as we physically alter this Dinergate to look like the Griffin model and cover up its Sangvis signal with a simulated Griffin signal, those stupid T-Dolls won't have a clue!

Destroyer: Then, I'll snatch away the gifts while the Dinergate creates a diversion—

[Destroyer grows more animated as she speaks. The Dinergate is modified in no time, save for a few parts that cannot fit anywhere. Gager then takes it into her hands...]

Gager: ...
Are you sure this isn't going to cause any unexpected problems?
After all, this technology hasn't undergone any form of testing.

[Destroyer watches nervously as Gager activates the Dinergate. Upon seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Destroyer continues...]

Destroyer: Ahem. Well, since nothing seems to be the problem, we can proceed as planned.
Think about it, this is also the perfect time for you to look for that traitor.
We'll both get what we want.

Gager: It does appear to be a pretty foolproof plan.
Then let's do it. However, in order to properly control the Dinergates, we'll have to split up.

Destroyer: Don't worry. I'll get in touch if anything happens.

Gager: I hope you're smarter than that idiot.
Let's kickstart this plan with an ambush laid by my forces.

Destroyer: ... Hmm? What idiot?

[Gager's figure has already vanished into the snowy night.]

[... At the Griffin base.]

M1918: Kalina, Sangvis units have been detected about 500 meters outside of the main entrance! Recon squad is requesting aid!

Kalina: At a time like this...?

CZ75: Right on time! I was just worrying about not finding any good materials!

Ameli: The Commander isn't here... It's scary... I want to hide...

Am RFB: Hey, don't go burrowing off... I don't want to experience a "game over" alone on a Christmas Day without the Commander...

[Gr MG5 sighs as she pulls Ameli out from her hidey-hole.]

Gr MG5: Do these T-Dolls' neural clouds just turn into goop the moment something unexpected happens?

M21: Ahaha, "turn into goop." You're funny, Gr MG5...

[Noticing the deafening silence and M14's awkward stare, M21 coughs to cover up her embarrassment.]

WA2000: Let's get back on track. My neural cloud can't handle any more of your nonsense.

Springfield: While the Commander might not be here, we still have Kalina, so let's hurry up and prepare for battle.

Kalina: Don't worry. I've studied up on the Commander's combat records. Leave the commanding to me!