Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-1 (Part2)/Script

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[At the entrance of the Griffin base.]

Springfield: There. All cleaned up.

Gr MG5 lets out a sigh as she drags a T-Doll sprawled on the snow back on her feet.

Gr MG5: Get up. Are you this tired just from cleaning up some fodder?

OTs-44: Then can we finally start preparing our presents for real?

M14: We already have a clear idea about our gift!

M21: Really? Tell me... No, I suppose it'd be better to come up with something on my own...

CZ75: Why do I have a feeling I'm going to draw Spitfire's gift...

SAA: I've already decided to give away my beloved collection of cola. I wonder what I'm going to get in return?

Am RFB: I just hope I won't get your cola...

[... Behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]

Destroyer: Did you hear that, Gager?!

Destroyer: They... they're having a Secret Santa!

Destroyer: What is that? It sounds really interesting...

Gager: ...

Destroyer: Any doll who prepares a gift can participate?!

Destroyer: Then I, too—

Gager smacks the eager and restless Destroyer on the head, sending her into the snow.

Gager: I see that your intelligence is also astounding.

[Destroyer pulls her head out of the snow and sees a few modified Dinergates wandering among the Griffin T-Dolls.]

OTs-44: These Dinergates are so cute! They're pretty helpful too...

WA2000: They ARE surprisingly useful...

M21: Say, if Sangvis Ferri sent in some Dinergates of their own today, we probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart, ahahaha...

M14: You're telling weird jokes again, M21...

Destroyer: Hold on, I just came up with the perfect plan.

[... Meanwhile.]

[... Next to the chimney of the Griffin base.]

ART556: (Dozing off) Wow... everyone's putting a lot of effort into making their presents!

ART556: Jeez... making gifts or whatever isn't cool at all...

ART556 watches all the busy T-Dolls around her and falls into deep thought.

ART556: If you ask me, the coolest thing has to be the mysterious thief who gets all the presents without having to work for them! Hahaha!

[Thus, an exciting show begins to unfold.]