Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-1 (Part1)/Script

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[In the warehouse of a Sangvis base.]

Destroyer stops taking inventory and lets out a sigh, gazing out of the window at the drifting snow.

Destroyer: Two years ago today, we had a party... last year today, I got a present from Agent... This year... there's absolutely nothing this year...

Destroyer activates the AI interface installed on the wall.

Destroyer: It's Christmas today, let's play a fitting song.

S.F. Music: Surroundings analyzed. Playing a human song written in the 20th century titled "Prison Grove".

S.F. Music: "An icy wind burns and scars..."

S.F. Music: "Rushes in like a fallen star..."

S.F. Music: "Through the narrow space between these bars..."

[Destroyer slams the off button on the AI interface.]

Destroyer: That's enough, now shut up.

Destroyer looks outside at the falling snow once again, and lets out another sigh, this time more dejected.

Destroyer: (Sigh) I really wanna celebrate Christmas...

[... Fifteen minutes ago.]

Destroyer: ... So, Agent. What's our plan for Christmas this year?

Agent: What Christmas plan?

Agent: Are you unaware of how dangerously low our supplies are?

Destroyer: Stop acting. It's just us here, if you tell me I promise I won't tell.

Agent: ...

Agent: It would appear that leaving you idle was a mistake.

Agent: Take this manifest and do an inventory check.

Agent: You can speak to me again about a Christmas plan once you get a grasp of the situation we are in.

Destroyer: (Sigh)

Destroyer: As much as I know she's telling the truth from taking inventory...

Destroyer: I still don't want to give it up...

Dreamer: Agent sure is getting reckless, enough to leave inventory to you.

Dreamer: Although, considering how little supplies we have, I suppose even an idiot can count them, right?

Destroyer: ... Are you... calling me an idiot?

Dreamer: You said it, not me.

Dreamer: Come to think of it, according to the recon report we just received, Griffin is having a huge Christmas celebration.

Destroyer: What?! Those Griffin T-Dolls can afford to celebrate Christmas even though they're poor enough to scavenge our parts?

Dreamer: Their Commander left the base early in the morning, presumably to go shopping in the city.

Dreamer: Well, even though we can't spare the effort to have a proper celebration, we can at least play some Christmas songs to lift the mood.

Dreamer speaks as she activates the AI interface.

Dreamer: It's Christmas today. Play something fitting.

S.F. Music: Surroundings analyzed. Playing a Christmas song.

S.F. Music: "We wish you a merry Christmas."

S.F. Music: "We wish you a merry Christmas."

S.F. Music: "We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! ♪"

[Destroyer angrily slams the AI interface off again.]

Dreamer: Someone's got a bad temper today.

Dreamer: However... we could redirect that temper toward something... more productive...

Destroyer's eyes sparkle with excitement in the dim warehouse.

Destroyer: Then I'll go scouting. It's not like I've got much to do today anyway.

Destroyer: I might even seize some supplies to fill up our empty warehouse.

Dreamer: How unusual, the idiot has the resolve to volunteer for a mission.

Destroyer: So you WERE calling me an idiot!

Gager, who has been eavesdropping, barges in suddenly.

Gager: Are you guys about to go scout out the Griffin base?

Gager: You can't trust an idiot to carry out a mission on her own, let me go with her.

Destroyer: HEY! How can you act so snobby while eavesdropping?

Destroyer: And who did you call an idiot?!

Gager: I called an idiot an idiot.

Gager: I'll meet you at the back gate in ten minutes.

Destroyer: HEY— —!

Dreamer: This dreary Christmas is starting to liven up. ♪

[... at the Griffin base.]

???: ... We've already given the Commander a heads-up, please do take care of Gr G11 for us, Kalina.

???: We will return immediately once we acquire the necessary supplies.

???: Well. all she does is sleep anyways. Just think of her as an ugly, heavy vase that we've deposited for safekeeping.

???: Just sleep tight here, Gr G11. You'll get the surprise you've always wanted when you wake up~ ♪

[Kalina swiftly moves the sound asleep Gr G11 to the Commander's room to keep her away from other T-Dolls.]

[As she gazes at Gr G11's sleeping face, an idea suddenly comes to her. She digs out a Christmas outfit and changes Gr G11 into it.]

Kalina: Oh, you never took the gift from last Christmas with you!

Kalina: You can still wear it this year, and I get to save some money on buying another present. ♪

Gr G11: Hmm... Christmas...

Gr G11: Presents... Heheh...

Kalina leaves the room and quickly heads to the hall where the T-Dolls have gathered.

Kalina: Merry Christmas, everyone! What a wonderful day!

Kalina: Regrettably...

Kalina: Our commander had to leave the base on short notice for work...

[The T-Dolls burst into an uproar upon hearing the news.]

OTs-44: (Sobs) Commander... How could this be?

Springfield: I'm sure it must be something important, otherwise the Commander definitely would've spent Christmas with us.

WA2000: W-who cares?! I'll celebrate Christmas even without the Commander!

SVD: If the Commander isn't here, the booze in the cellar is fair game, right?

Suomi: You nasty barbarians are thinking about sneaking booze out of the cellar now that the Commander's away, aren't you?!

SAA: Only one way to settle this, it's duel time! Winner takes this can of cola I have!

CZ75: Oh, it's time to duel? Now that you mention it, I still have a score to settle with NZ75...

Ameli: It looks lively in here...

[Helpless facing the crowd of rowdy T-Dolls, Kalina rubs her forehead.]

Kalina: Ahem! That's enough, settle down!

Kalina: The Commander can't spend Christmas with us this year, but—!

Kalina: We should still have a proper celebration, for all the hard work we put it!

Kalina looks at each T-Doll present to build up suspense.

Kalina: Which is why I've decided to organize the first ever Secret Santa at Griffin!

[The T-Dolls start chattering excitedly.]

Kalina: I've already sent out the document explaining the details.

Kalina: To put it simply, everyone prepares a present and leaves it at a designated location with a given number.

Kalina: After that, everyone who has deposited their present will get to draw a number for a random present. All free of charge, of course!

Kalina: Isn't that exciting?!

[Hearing Griffin T-Dolls cheering in excitement, Kalina nods with satisfaction.]

Kalina: What's even more exciting...

Kalina: The Commander has also prepared a gift. We'll have to see who's lucky enough to get it!

SAA: Yahoo! Commander must've prepared a year's worth of cola for me!

Am RFB: As if! I'm sure it's the newest game bought especially for me!

Ameli: Hmm... Guess I'll just include the button that just tore off of my jacket in the present.

Suomi: I gave the Commander an introductory CD last year... Then this time I'll...

WA2000: Preparing gifts and whatnot is such a chore... But since it's already decided, guess I'll just have to do it properly...

Springfield: Then let's all head out to search for present materials around the base.

[... Behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]

Gager: ... Spying on Griffin's Christmas plans? Did you really come all the way here for something so pointless?