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Nascita Profile Quotes


The CM-Act/TS is a custom-made Doll model by Cyber Media, tailored to the requirements of Japan's Nanei Kabushiki Kaisha with respect to filming tokusatsu shows. Compared to normal actress Dolls, the CM-Act/TS is equipped with special motive modules to meet the needs of high-difficulty stunts and special effect shoots, while its database contains many tokusatsu works to help it better get into character.

Nascita has taken part in the filming of many classic tokusatsu productions such as Knightranger and Yoroider, playing the role of many villains that have a firm place in the hearts of many. Near the end of her acting career, Nascita was selected for Project Neural Cloud as an outstanding representative of a thespian Doll.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Perhaps it was because she was preloaded with large quantities of tokusatsu material that she developed a strong sense of righteousness from the moment her eyes opened, having responded immediately to an accident that occurred at the site of her awakening. According to a witness who was working at the scene, Nascita activated her motive modules without first running her tuning programs and ran the risk of bluescreening. Ultimately, she subdued a malfunctioning Doll and performed a great service for the public

This sense of justice carried over to her work. Although her original buyer refused to let Nascita play a heroic role due to their mistrust of Doll actors and even returned her to Cyber Media, Nascita's passion and desire to be a "hero of justice" never faded. After being purchased again, she started from an extra and gradually won the approval of others through her earnest, hardworking attitude and outstanding performance. Whether she was a mob who would be defeated in one hit or just a passer-by in the background, Nascita diligently played her role to the hilt and perfectly portrayed her character.

Soon, Nascita landed her first major role, which was also the turning point of her acting career—the villain "Lupus".

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Nascita was originally slated to take part in the screen tests for the lead character "Tatsumi" from Yoroider 777, but during the process, the director discovered that nobody could properly control the rollerblades of the main villain Lupus' costume. Nascita, however, with her motive modules' outstanding performance, was a perfect match for their needs.

Thus, the screen test met with unexpected success. During the show, Nascita completed a complex fight sequence while wearing a form-fitting black outfit and rollerblades, driving the audience wild. Meanwhile, her signature line, "Your end has come, Yoroider!" made Lupus one of the most iconic tokusatsu villains and found its way into many clip shows.

However, Nascita did not want to be typecast as a villainess. She believed that she could play a proper hero and worked twice as hard to that end—only to end up adding more and more antagonist roles to her CV, earning her the industry nickname of "Professional Villain".

In order to keep things fresh, actors were swapped around at blinding speeds, and changes in the movie industry led to a shift in tokusatsu shows. Thus, Nascita ended up getting fewer and fewer roles even though her skills had not deteriorated in the least. In the end, she never managed to get a heroic role, even when she was chosen to join Project Neural Cloud as "an outstanding example of a thespian Doll."

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Even outside acting, Nascita also places high demands on herself. Her excessively serious personality makes it hard for people to approach her. She made up a set of several dozen "Rules For Daily Living" for herself, including such things as "No eating while walking", "always give your seat on public transport to the elderly" and so on. When asked about this, she replied, "Tokusatsu shows are meant to give kids dreams, so we need to set a good example at all times, even in daily life."

However, a friend of Nascita revealed that her personality would undergo a dramatic change under certain circumstances.

"She's like, a total chuuni, right? Last time, I saw her climb up a tree to save a cat, and when she touched down on the ground she even struck a pose and yelled, "I'll change this tragic fate with my own hands", whereupon a passing kid went "Big Sis... That was cringe." I heard that after that, she covered her face and fled to a corner of a roast meat store and stuffed her face in despair all night long, hahahahaha—"

—A sculptor who just so happened to be passing by (self-declared) while out gathering inspiration

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Nascita has a complicated opinion of Puzzle, who was awakened at the same time as herself. She often mentioned her while talking to her manager.

"I hardly ever get days off and had to spend mine visiting one of her exhibitions. Those sculptures... There's no way they could be things that make people happy!"
"The tickets for the new exhibition sold out in an hour. (Sigh) The fact that she can do whatever she wants yet sell so well is the only thing I envy about her..."
"Puzzle came by to visit today, she said she was delivering an item but the truth is, she just came to laugh at me, right? Still, the stuff she says makes a lot of sense, even if she is a bit of a pain. Superheroes and programmed righteousness... I'd never have considered such things by myself."

However, Nascita's attitude towards Puzzle changed tremendously after a certain exhibition. Her manager says that Nascita helped with venue maintenance well into the night. When she returned, she had "a terrifying look on her face that he'd never seen before" and angrily declared that "she never wanted to see Puzzle again".

Little did she know that on the day when she joined Project Neural Cloud, she would see that sculpture knife-wielding Doll once again in the lab—and stop her from trying to give the instruments a "makeover".

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After coming to the Oasis, Nascita's warm and sincere personality won a great deal of praise from everyone. She earnestly completed her assignments and never overlooked others' difficulties. She hoped that she'd be able to come closer to those heroes who shone in times of crisis through hard work.

However, Nascita comes off as highly reserved in social interactions, insisting on using formal language when interacting with most Dolls and rarely speaking about her previous roles. Every now and then, someone will mention hearing someone delivering an impassioned delivery of some famous line, only to see Nascita fleeing the scene when they went over to see who it was.

Fortunately, Nascita still has people in the Oasis who understand her.

"The Justice Friends have gathered, Let's Show Time!"
"Ohhh—Only we can stop you, wicked Puzzgoyle!"
"Nascita Kiiiiick!"
"Searing Lion Slash!!!"
"I'm just a passing actress, don't you forget it!"

—From an Oasis security video [Note: the camera was destroyed due to high temperatures and bludgeoning impact. The parties responsible have been identified and billed for it.]