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Millau Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play A marvelous day starts with a sumptuous breakfast!
Afternoon Play Afternoon tea is essential for those who know how to enjoy life!
Evening Play Hmm... the cafeteria's dinner menu is hardly what you would call "gourmet" cuisine...
Night Play Resist the temptation, Professor... You'll get fat if you give in and have a second supper!
Main Interface Voice Play Magnifique! This sauteed foie gras with lingonberry jam served with grilled asparagus and truffles is absolutely delicious!
Play Honestly! There's a difference between a gourmand and a glutton, you know! ...Although I DO have quite the appetite...
Play Huh? Did the Professor run off to the kitchen to get something to eat?
Play Are your freezers empty already? No, no, no, terrible things will happen if you don't replenish your stocks of food in a timely manner! Come, Professor, let's go grab some stuff from the store!
Interactive Voice Play C'est bon!
Play Are you hungry, Professor?
Play Ehehe!
Relationship Dialogues Play One should always dress up before tucking into a good meal! Hm... What color foundation should I use today... ivory white? Should I go with a natural or a beige color? Er... Which one do you like, Professor?
Play Life should be lived to the fullest! Whether it's your makeup, your clothes or the food you eat, you can't slack off on any of them! Naturally, the definition of "fullest" might end up meaning different things under different circumstances!
Play Hmm... It seems a little TOO well done. The texture of overcooked beef is something like charcoal drenched in water, so there's no point in eating it... But you can't have it too rare either. How do you like your steaks, Professor? Medium rare? Well done? Well done with ketchup like Mr. Donald? Or perhaps... steak tartare?
Play The truth is... Being a gourmet isn't an easy job... I need to run everywhere to provide articles for the magazines and I always have to taste stuff that I don't like and give reviews that go against my will. Frankly speaking, when I do that, I feel like a liar... But overall, I still like the job!
Play Professor, you need to improve your lifestyle! Allow me to personally instruct you on how to dress, how to coordinate a wardrobe and what kind of things to eat! You'll be in my care now!
Moods Play
Play C'est vrai?
Play C'est pas vrai...
Accept Play
Agree Play
Appreciate Play
Feeling Play
Oath Play Huh? Aren't you afraid I'll eat you out of your house and savings, Professor? Well, you don't need to worry! I'll show you how to live with style from now on!
Obtain Play Hmm? Are your stocks of food adequate? I'm Millau. Nice to meet you again, Professor!
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play I feel like my instincts have sharpened!
Neural Expansion Play There's no substitute for living and fine food! I'll do my best in that respect!
Max Neural Expansion
Play What I want is to allow everyone to feel the charm and soul of gourmet cuisine!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play I'm ready to go!
Battle Start Play Now then, let the adventure begin!
Ultimate Skill Play You're annoying! Out of my way!
MVP1 Play Youpi!
MVP2 Play Victoire totale!


I haven't... eaten my fill yet...


Will there be extra meals for duty personnel?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play Turkey meat might be very coarse, but it can taste good too if you cook it carefully! That's why people add all sorts of garnish to the Christmas turkey to give it more flavor! Hmm... I'm feeling a little peckish now. Are they roasting up a turkey for Christmas in the cafeteria?
Halloween Play Rather than dressing up as a monster and taking part in a masquerade, I'm more interested in fine dining. That said, there's no novelty to pumpkin pies at all...
New Year Play Bonne Année! Would you care to dance with me on the first day of the new year? Naturally, feasting will be part of the festivities! That said, you might have to foot the bill by yourself, though!
Tanabata Play I heard that people in the Orient eat special things during Tanabata! For instance... this hand-made fruit pudding! Look at how it wobbles like a wave when I barely breathe on it!
Valentine Play The handmade chocolate from "Le Château du Chocolat" is ranked first in Paris! I always go there to buy some every year! Therefore... please feel free to accept this! I particularly recommend trying the raspberry and licorice-flavored ones!
Player's Birthday Play Today is a very special day! Bon anniversaire! Decadent meals and luxurious presents are a must-have too!