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Imhotep Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Are you heading out, Professor? Or do you want to stay with me a little longer?
Afternoon Being with the animals feels really nice.
Evening The little kittens and puppies fight over their chew toys every evening.
Night Oh, it's already midnight? Why are you still here, Professor? Got something to tell me?
Main Interface Voice "We want more treats!" they say... Hmm, the puppies seem unhappy. Professor, will you approve their request?
Since I've been living with animals for so long, it's only natural for me to see you as a little pet sometimes... Right, Professor?
You look so cute in your sleep. I wish I could watch you forever.
The little ones in the Oasis seem to feel unwell... I'm going to check on them. Would you come along with me?
Interactive Voice Hehehe...
Teehee, your eyes are adorable.
Need my help?
Relationship Dialogues To me, living among animals feels much better than with humans. Animals are easy to raise and they have simple minds. Seeing them grow up little by little always makes me feel accomplished.
In my spare time, I help those who work in animal husbandry and agriculture. Their lives depend on the well-being of livestock, and a seemingly insignificant issue could ruin an entire year's worth of hard work. Perhaps I'm only helping them out of a sense of responsibility.
This black goat is called Niggurath. I found her in the woods half a year ago when I rescued her. Usually she is quite gentle, but sometimes her eyes turn red. What happened, Professor? You look so pale after hearing her name, and your limbs are trembling too... Hehehe, you're so cute. It makes me want to bully you a little.
Niggurath gave birth to many babies today. Every one of them was full of energy. Her newborn kids were bare and still hadn't opened their eyes... The thought of witnessing their growth makes me happy.
Honestly, Professor, you remind me of a little animal. Hehehe... So, would you like to try experiencing what the animals feel? It won't take you long... Oh, there's no need to be afraid. It's okay, it may hurt, but I'll be gentle...
Moods Hehehe.
I see...
Accept I understand.
Agree That's right.
Appreciate Not bad.
Feeling Okay.
Before this oath of ours, there were many things that happened... many unforgettable memories... From now onwards, let's make some new memories together... Fufufu...
Obtain Hi, I'm Imhotep. I mostly take care of animals, but I'm also fine with people too.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Hehehe... My understanding of animal language has improved.
Neural Expansion Living with animals is a great experience. Besides, animals will never betray you.
Max Neural Expansion
Everything has a soul of their own. To actually have control over their souls, though... That is something only humans and Dolls can do.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team I am ready.
Battle Start Now, how are you going to return the favor?
Ultimate Skill Don't worry, it will be over soon.
MVP1 That was hardly a challenge.
MVP2 You're safe now.
Retreat Is this the end of me...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Put a Santa hat on this Coton de Tulear and now it's our Santa Claus. Speaking of which, Professor... Want to have a drink with me before starting this game? It's hot buttered rum.
Halloween I was planning on making a chocolate pie, but dogs can't eat chocolate, so I changed it to a pumpkin pie... though isn't this more suitable for the Halloween atmosphere? Fufufu, I've put something special in the pie, so please look forward to it.
New Year As a special New Year's treat, I'm doubling the food for the kittens, puppies and lambs today. But... cleaning up afterwards is going to be a whole lot of trouble. Professor, will you lend me a hand? Of course, I'll return the favor... hehehe...
Tanabata I'm a veterinarian, but I've never taken care of aquatic animals before. That being said, nothing's stopping us from dropping by the fish pond to enjoy the scenery together on Tanabata, right? Yes, of course, we're heading there together.
Valentine This Maine Coon is so beautiful, right? Its fur and eye colors are simply perfect, and its body is oh-so soft to the touch. Today is Valentine's Day, right? Besides this kitten, I have other wonderful gifts prepared for you today...
Player's Birthday It's your birthday, so it's only natural that I've prepared something for such a special occasion. Here, I bought you a bell to hang around your neck.