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Horizon Profile Quotes


Working in conjunction with many high-end artistic and design educational institutions across the globe, the UA-ID is a project helmed by Universal Anything Services, targeted at producing commercial Dolls for use in the field of modern interior design. This project's aim is to overcome the limitations of human beings in the development of artistic aesthetics, as well as attempt to integrate art styles from different regional cultures and consumer classes in order to deliver an iterative series of outputs and provide a variety of solutions to improve the quality of life for different grades of users. Horizon is a second-generation product of the UA-ID project, and in addition to her artistic design modules, she has also been equipped with basic primary industrial processing abilities. This helps Horizon demonstrate the practical effects of design that can be used for reference and avoids the issue of first-generation UA-ID Dolls producing designs that are too detached from reality.

After producing many well-received design plans during her testing phase, Horizon was selected to join Project Neural Cloud as a representative of interior design Dolls.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

As the product of a multi-disciplinary collaboration between UAS and many other fields, the UA-ID development project received a lot of attention from the moment it was founded. The first generation of UA-IDs was known for its very high specs; not only did the designers develop 3D structural scanning abilities for their bodies, they also equipped their neural clouds with customized 3D graphical simulation modules along with a multi-core processing system to meet the needs of high-speed deconstruction. On top of that, the first-gen UA-ID's neural cloud was preloaded with vast quantities of design and other related information, giving it tremendous deep learning abilities with respect to various design styles.

However, contrary to UAS's extremely high expectations, despite possessing excellent design abilities and aesthetic standards, the first-gen UA-IDs were lacking in the ability to practically apply them, with many of their interior design plans being severely divorced from reality which caused many of their designs to remain on paper despite their great potential. It was against this backdrop that the second-gen UA-ID was born, an improved version of the UA-ID with improved bodily robustness, additional decoration knowledge, and on-site construction capabilities.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

During its testing phase, the second-gen UA-IDs demonstrated design abilities that were superior to those of the first generation. More satisfying was the fact that the designs produced by the second-gen units were much more practicable. Due to their excellent physical abilities and interior decoration knowledge, the second-gen UA-IDs could even temporarily substitute as workers and equipment on the worksite and work independently to ensure the project continued moving along. This breakthrough received rave reviews from the industry, and the UA-ID line was hailed as one of UAS's 10 best Doll lines of that year.

As one of the most outstanding second-gen UA-IDs, Horizon not only possessed a greater degree of contemplation and obsession with interior design, but she also had a unique insight and interpretation towards the study of color. She was keenly aware of the individual variances between her various owners, and used her impression of them as the color schemes for her interior design plans. This was supplemented by her internal calculation and powerful design abilities, which allowed her to consistently design eye-catching plans that adhered to their original principles and ensured that they get implemented.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

While she was still in the testing phase and Horizon was learning to mesh with her various employers, she developed the idea that interior design was a projection of the customer's heart. After being committed to commercial operational testing, her works became more humanized and followed each customer's needs with greater precision, resulting in excellent reviews from the market.

"This is my house. It was made for me and me alone! It's better than I expected; it's so perfect I can't even think of any way to improve it!"
—From a client after receiving a design plan.

However, there were several small complaints from clients about interacting with Horizon during the testing phase. Perhaps it was because too much of her neural cloud space was given over to interior decoration and design, but Horizon was even more reserved and reticent than others in the UA-ID series. To others, she appeared to be a weirdo who spent all day engrossed in design and renovation. However, those comments were outweighed by the many more rave reviews about her great design abilities and achievements, as well as her highly accurate and effective conclusions following just a single interaction.

As the external trials neared their end, Horizon was selected for Project Neural Cloud as an example of an interior design Doll.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

When Horizon first arrived at the Oasis, she was entranced by its interior design and often lost herself in touring its halls. Occasionally, she would take notes and write down the things that inspired her, highlighting which objects were beautiful and practical, as well as experiencing how seemingly insignificant details could reflect their owner's personality.

Soon after that, Horizon took over the important work for festival design and construction. During this process, Horizon met with many setbacks, but she managed to successfully complete her assignments despite the worries of others. Meanwhile, her generosity, attention to detail, and sheer working ability earned her a good reputation in the Oasis.

However, she realized too late that she had become too immersed in design work, and her image in the eyes of others was one of a reticent designer who disliked interacting with others. While this did not affect her design work or the others' acceptance of her, it seemed like the barrier to her communicating with others had become even higher. That said, she simply regarded the matter as a tradeoff of sorts and calmly continued her daily routine.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

When Horizon first encountered Banxsy's unscrubbed graffiti, she immediately recognized it as coming from the hands of a Doll artist she liked in reality, but her poor speaking skills meant that she never once thought of talking directly to Banxsy and asking her about her art style. Instead, she buried herself in designing, hoping to approach her in terms of style and color control. This lasted until she began talking to Banxsy with the help of the other Oasis Dolls.

"Huh? You're... You're Banxsy? Ac-actually, I'm a big fan of your work..."

Although she still didn't interact much with the others, Horizon managed to blend into the Oasis and integrate her design concepts into the Oasis' style to create works that were different from what she produced in reality. As someone who preferred to express herself through tones rather than words, the portrait of her heart will surely be conveyed to more and more people through her colors.