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Gin Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good morning. I wish you a wonderful day.
Afternoon Don't forget to take a breather from time to time.
Evening It's already dark outside. Would you like a Vesper Martini?
Night Can you hear the sound of ice cubes clinking in glasses? That signifies the night is officially underway.
Main Interface Voice The Smoky Martini has a rather unique aroma that many people find hard to stomach. That being said, it's a cocktail that I particularly excel at.
Gin is not a top-shelf liquor by any means, but it can be used in many different ways.
Peace, innocence, tranquility.
I just found a new cocktail recipe in the data bank. Would you like to take a look?
Interactive Voice Yes?
Interested in a drink?
Trying to bug me like that won't get you anywhere.
Relationship Dialogues A person's taste in alcohol can reflect their personality. Take me as an example. I favor gin over any other type of alcohol. It is not the finest spirit, far from it. As a matter of fact, most bars tend to use it merely as a basic ingredient in cocktails. So why am I so fond of it? You'll have a better idea why once you're more familiar with cocktails.
Gin can be used in so many ways. The "possibilities" are endless. At first glance it may not seem like anything special, but it serves as the base for numerous high-end cocktails favored by partygoers. Perhaps the person who manufactured me had thought the same. Infinite "possibilities". Even if those possibilities don't amount to anything... A meaningless passion, as it were.
You seem confused. People spend their whole lives searching for the meaning of their existence. However, it is slightly different in my case. My pursuit of this meaningless passion is what drives me. From the outside, I suppose it must seem like I am merely wasting my time with such frivolous activities.
We all live for ourselves, humans and Dolls alike. What is life? What can be deemed worthy, or significant? Everyone will eventually come up with their own answer, and I am no exception. Under the guidance of my benefactor... or rather someone who became my benefactor in a way, I had found the meaning of my existence.
A bartender's best skill is simply the ability to listen. Yet when I'm with you, you are the one doing the listening. Whenever I'm around you, I can feel emotions well up inside of me, emotions which I thought I had buried deep down. Perhaps I should teach you the way to make cocktails? Considering what a great listener you are, I'm sure you will make an excellent bartender.
Moods Hehe...
I see.
Accept I see.
Agree Play I am intrigued.
Appreciate Not bad.
Feeling Indeed.
Oath Hehe, what on earth led you to this decision? If only I could look deep into your eyes and come to understand at least some of your reasoning. Hopefully this new bond built on our friendship will open up new opportunities for both of us.
Obtain Hello again, my name is Gin. It is my duty to wipe away the sorrow and loneliness of life with a cocktail.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough My bartending skills seem to have improved a little.
Neural Expansion It takes skill to make sure the concoction is just right.
Max Neural Expansion
To dispel the sorrow, desolation and loneliness of life with liquor, and to see the meaning of life in its flow.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team I am here to serve you.
Battle Start I shall make you the cocktail of life.
Ultimate Skill Feel the rhythm of life in this glass.
MVP1 A toast to our new victory.
MVP2 Hardly something to write home about.
Retreat Melting away... like a block of ice... I see...
Long nights are my time to shine.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Are you cold? Then I'll make you a hot Baileys for this year's Christmas Eve. The combination of milk, cocoa, and liquor should warm you up to the core.
Halloween About my costume... I can explain. I'm simply getting into the Halloween spirit... It has nothing to do with me wanting to dress up as Dracula, honestly. Perhaps we can continue this chat somewhere more private? Yes, I'll be sure to bring some gin and tonic.
New Year Today is a holiday, but that doesn't mean we can't spend some quiet time together. I found a book of sonnets yesterday when I was cleaning up the brewery. Care to read it with me?
Tanabata A Mojito is often regarded as slightly run-of-the-mill, but there's no denying that it's the perfect summer cocktail. Care to try one out?
Valentine Rum and cherries are a match made in heaven. Chocolate rum-soaked cherries are quite popular too. I've made some adjustments to the recipe. Just one bite, and the subtle rum will fill your senses.
Player's Birthday A humble gift from me on this day that means a lot to you. This is a Mint Julep. The first sip feels really bitter, doesn't it? Soon, it will be overtaken by a sweet and mellow flavor. It's bittersweet like life.