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A list of questions frequently found in the comment section or in Discord.

Please let us know if you have any question not answered here.

Wiki Specific[edit]

Where is this T-Doll?[edit]

If you cannot find a T-Doll, her page may still be in the works, were teased recently, or they do not currently exist on any known server.

Make sure to check the T-Doll's server availability section to see which server she's currently available in or check whether she is a drop, reward, or a production T-Doll.

Game Specific[edit]

Game-related FAQs regarding how to play.

Girls' Frontline[edit]

Can I play with an Emulator?[edit]

Yes. For users who want to play via PC, you're allowed to play via an emulator.

Note: You cannot have 2 instances of the game active at the same time; however, you will be booted from the game if one instance detects an action on the other (One instance on emulator and the other on a mobile device). So make sure you're playing the game on one instance at a time.

Are key bindings or macros allowed?[edit]

Macros are strictly forbidden and using them will get your account banned.[1]

Key bindings are not automated but given the way they work it is not recommended to overuse them as they may get ruled as automated action. There are instances in the game where playing using key binding makes for a smoother gameplay experience for users playing via PC.

Are there recipes that guarantee the T-Doll, Equipment or Fairy I want?[edit]

No. There aren't any recipes in the game that will guarantee a specific T-Doll, Equipment or Fairy that a player wants.

T-Doll production in the game is very simple; in that you're only required to meet the minimum resource requirements for said T-Dolls to appear in the production pool. You will still have to rely on trial & error and luck in order to get the T-Doll you want. The game's recommended recipes should suffice in getting the T-Dolls you want, but if you want to exclude some production sets, consider using the optimized recipes we have listed.

Here are some links for convenience:

Project: Neural Cloud[edit]


  1. Official EN Twitter post warning players about illegal actions