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Dupin Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good morning, Professor. The sky is a little too bright for me. Would you mind if I closed the shades?
Afternoon Hmm... I can sense something strange from you that fades in and out... Perhaps it is my imagination.
Evening Nights in the Oasis are often very quiet. I enjoy such environments that are conducive to contemplation.
Night Professor? Did you just come back from a nighttime stroll?
Main Interface Voice A true detective ought to have a pair of eyes that see clearly and are not deceived by the surface appearance of things. At times, the devil really does lie in those details that others fail to notice.
They have plumage that blends in with the night, yet they love collecting sparkly baubles. Crows really are an extraordinary species of avian, aren't they? Clever, cunning, and stealthy, just like... phantom thieves.
You've been quiet for a while now. I was starting to wonder if my pocket watch was broken.
Hm? You're interested in the workings of my cane? Careful, it's sharper than you think. The sword within it is just one of several means of self-defense. You can come closer if you'd like to know more.
Interactive Voice Good reflexes.
Haha, interesting!
What do you have in mind?
Relationship Dialogues Have you ever carefully observed someone and obtained interesting information from them? That is how a detective works, piecing together the truth from the smallest details. Learning how to observe a person in detail is the secret to grasping their true nature more quickly and more thoroughly, and by doing so, you will clear away your doubts, solve the riddles before you, and behold the truth. This is more than what humanity wishes for Dolls, it is also the ultimate goal in the depths of my neural cloud. If there is something you truly cannot figure out, feel free to ask me about it. Perhaps I might be able to help clear your mind.
You want an introduction to observing others? Allow me to give you an example. Every person's actions illustrate their habits. Deducing their emotional states and mental activity from seemingly insignificant actions is part of my job. For instance, your light drumming of your fingers on the table several minutes ago suggests your boredom with information analysis, and then the way you put your cup down after that indicated that the problem was solved. My guess is that the way you rested your jaw on your right hand just now was a sign of contemplation... What? I was right about the first two, but the last one was simply because you were tired? ...Ahem. Indeed, there are cases where one can read too deeply into simple things.
Hm? This is... Yes, I was just about to get up to look for that record. How did you find it? I see. So you were also observing me while I was observing you? It seems you took even my subconscious thoughts into consideration as well. Things are getting more interesting now. Perhaps you too have a professional detective's eye. Perhaps the two of us might be able to open up new possibilities in deductive reasoning together.
What are you looking at? These articles all concern—ah, they're nothing more than old editorials. In every era, there are always ruthless and wanton people who call themselves "Phantom Thieves". Naturally, I won't let them get away with their misdeeds. To me, LeBlanc is a formidable challenge, and I once found myself confounded by his schemes. While some believe that a single failure is enough to topple an ace detective from grace, never to be restored, it does not bother me. What DOES bother me is whether this chase is in keeping with my true nature or because I've lost my initial desire to bring him to justice?
"What is worth pursuing is not the person who once overcame you, but the riddle that must be unraveled step by step..." Indeed. It was precisely because of my obsession that he rose to challenge me again after being defeated by me. Relax, Professor. If I can catch him once, I can catch him again. Once we return to the real world, I will engrave your reminder in my heart and then bring this chase to its conclusion. When the time comes, I hope you will not look away.
Moods Heh, heh, heh...
Accept Everything is under control.
Agree I see.
Oath I definitely did not anticipate such a development... Although I realize now that I had seen the signs for it already. Being that I have no countermeasures prepared, how could I possibly refuse you? That being the case, all I can do is humbly accept this offer.
Obtain Dupin the Detective is here to discern the truth from the finest details. What further secrets can your eyes see?

Neural Cloud Neural Cloud.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough May my eyes and my instincts grow ever keener!
Neural Expansion Do I seek the joy of approaching the truth, or one round of mysteries after another?
Max Neural Expansion
Thank you for the instruction. My final blind spot is finally clear to me, and now I shall see all there is to see.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team It would be my pleasure.
Battle Start A clue lies ahead.
Ultimate Skill None shall escape!
MVP1 Is that all there is to your deceptions?
MVP2 Checkmate.
Retreat I cannot... leave things like this...
I accept this charge.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas A Christmas cake's gone missing, you say? I'm sure there must be more to this than meets the eye. We've put so much effort into preparing for the festival; if we allow ourselves to fall into panic, we'll have fallen prey to the mastermind's schemes... What? It was eaten by someone?
Halloween There are countless classic cases in my database. If you wish to reproduce a realistic scenario... Hm? You just want to give this place a bit of Halloween flavor? It seems I've let my imagination run away with me again. Very well, then I'll lend you a raven to perch on your shoulder.
New Year The lively atmosphere and luxurious decorations make it very easy to forget essential details. However, I'll take note of all of them, so all you need to do is lose yourself in looking forward to the new year. Happy New Year, Professor.
Tanabata They say \Tanabata" comes from the Far East, and on this day, magpies form a bridge to reunite two star-crossed lovers. If I were to stand on that bridge, who would I encounter? Would it be a rival, or a lover... What do you think, Professor?
Valentine Rather than fancy new flavors in gaudy but impractical packaging, I prefer chocolate squares like these in simple foil wrap. Classic detective stories have the purest flavor, and so it goes with chocolate. I saved you a piece; would you like to try it?
Player's Birthday Happy birthday, Professor. All important days deserve to be remembered, and naturally, the day of your birth is one of them. Shall we open a bottle of champagne to celebrate? If you can't hold your liquor well, you may choose any drink you wish.