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UKM-2000 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 是……指挥官吗?看来今后不得不和你一起行动了。只要在这里的话,“它们”应该找不到我吧…… あの、指揮官なんだよね?どうやら今後はあなたといっしょに古道することになりそう。 ここにいれば、奴らには見つからないよね?Play Are you... the Commander? Looks like I'm working with you from now on. As long as I'm here, "they" should not find me...
Secretary 我是因为“它们”的追捕才逃到这个星球上的……指挥官不需要知道太多,这对你没什么好处。 私は奴ら追われてこの星に来たんだ。詳しことは聞かない方がいい。指揮官には百がやって一理なしだよ。Play I fled to this planet because "they" were chasing me... Commander, you shouldn't pry too much, it's not good for you.
猫的语言跟我们的母语很类似,所以有时候我能理解它们的想法。 猫の言葉は私の母性のものに似ているから。たまに猫たちの考えは分かるの。Play The language of Earthling cats is quite similar to our own, so I can understand them sometimes.
不要随便摘我的帽子!万一被“它们”认出来了就…… フード引っ張らないで!奴らにバレちゃうってば。Play Don't mess with my hood! Otherwise, "they" will recognize me...
Secretary (post OATH)
Just now in the dorm a cat came outta nowhere and scared the crap out of me... Commander, if "they" discover me, you must protect me.
Commander, is this really okay? Even though I'm still keeping a lot of secrets from you... but, even if Earth is invaded by my home world, you wouldn't mind being with me? ...Thank you, Commander. Then, with this oath, I'm willing to face any future with you!
Greeting 指揮官、今日の任務は何?Play Commander, what are our orders for today?
T-Doll Produced 面白そうな人形が来たね。Play A funny doll came by.
Joining an echelon 地球の人形と拝請悪くないみたい。Play Looks like these Earth dolls aren't so bad after all.
Enhancement ここまでやれるとは、私もなかなかのものだね。Play For you to go this far, I feel pretty good.
Dummy-linking いい、私の命令がない限り、フードは抜いじゃだめよ…絶対に。Play Listen up, unless I order otherwise, you absolutely must NOT remove your hood...
Logistics (start) 「…」なら身長に行かないとPlay
Logistics (end) ふえ…無事で良かった…。Play Phew...safe and sound...
Autobattle ちょろいちょろい!私に任せて!Play Too easy! Leave it to me!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission この星の戦い、見せてあげるよ。Play Let me show you the battle of this star.
Starting a battle 私たちの邪魔をしているのは、こいつらなのか?Play Are these guys also trying to get in our way?
Skill activation 生きて帰らせてもんか?Play Think you can make it back alive?
奴らに比べたらちょろいものだよ。Play These guys are a bit better than "them".
私を普通の人形だと思わないでね。Play Don't think of me as just some ordinary doll.
Heavily damaged しまった…もし奴らにバレたら…。Play Shoot...if only I knew what they were...
Retreat 怖い…帰りたいよ…。Play I'm scared...I wanna go home...
MVP その程度じゃ私の母性では生き残れないよ。Play At this rate, you wouldn't stand a chance on my planet.
Restoration もしかすると、地球は私の母性より危険なのかもしれない。Play It's possible that this Earth might be more dangerous than the homeworld.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 指揮官、地球は「…」受けてるの?! なんであっちこっち星人だらけなの?Play Commander, is the Earth receiving some sort of signal?! Why are there so many stars here and there?
Christmas サンタさんの事はあまり信じてないけど。多分偽星人と思うよ。Play I don't really believe in Santa that much. Personally, I think it's a fake star.
New Year's Day 365日、これが地球の一年の長さ。私たちの「…」では、一年はもっと長かったような。


365 days, that's one year on Earth. On my homeworld, a year seems to be much longer.
Valentine's day チョコを貢ぐなんて、地球の風習って変わってるよね。チョコの神様でもいるの?


Giving chocolate as tribute, Earth's customs really have changed. Are you perhaps a chocolate god or something?
Tanabata 私たちの「…」でも、織姫星と彦星は見えるよ。ただ、他の星と特に別してないけど。


Even on my homeworld you can see Orihime and Hikoboshi. However, they're not really any different from the other stars.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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