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Sueyoi Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good morning, Professor. It's time to start working.
Afternoon The Oasis offers such lovely working conditions. If I can keep working in such a bright environment... Never mind, it doesn't really suit me.
Evening Still working overtime? How hard-working, or perhaps... you slacked off during the day?
Night This is a rare piece of mineral, not a night light. You like it? You can keep it.
Main Interface Voice Compared to processing minerals, I prefer working with the remains of creatures that were once alive, though both are laden with history.
Professor, you seem quite knowledgeable about history. Fancy a look underground? Books lie, but the strata of the earth don't. There you will always find history in its truest form.
I don't want to be with her. Please make other arrangements.
Will you reject me the way he does... or are you still sizing me up?
This way, follow me.
Interactive Voice Hmm... Head patting is a gesture to offer comfort, right? I don't need comforting.
You seem quite interested in my bodysuit? Don't worry, I won't comment on your predilections.
You're still at work, right? Should you really be giving me all your attention?
Relationship Dialogues What do I like...? Is that really important? Is it not enough to just follow your instructions? That was what they asked of me, and it was how I have always worked. If you must ask, it's called "being reasonably utilized". Does this answer satisfy you?
Working in the Oasis is a blessing. The mines in the real world are not so clean. Dolls don't get black lung, but working in such terrible conditions still inflicts irreversible damage on us. I was just a mineral sampler so I already had it easy. Those human miners... or even the mining Dolls... most of them don't live long enough to retire.
Are you that interested in my past? What an odd hobby you have. Getting your subordinates to reveal their past so that you can get a handle on their weaknesses? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Sorry to disappoint, but there is nothing exciting about the experience I can recall. What about you, why don't you share some of yours? A self-taught field commander. I am very curious about your life in the real world. It must be really, really tough, doing scientific research in a war-ridden lab, hmm, is, that, right, Professor?
Hatsuchiri and me? Why are you asking about that? Playing the nice, approachable teacher helping a problem child? There are so many agents in the Oasis, if you have time to do this with every single one of us, you must be pretty idle indeed. You still insist on knowing? How tenacious of you. There's nothing interesting between her and me. You'll just get bored if I tell you everything. You're probably the only one who would pick me over her, Professor.
I hate it when people ask me about my past. What does my past say about me? People determine what I'm worth based on just a few rows of text on my resume and don't even consider what I can actually offer... Am I being too harsh? These are my genuine thoughts. I knew you would be different. From the very start, you've seen me for who I am, not "the Doll of the same model as Hatsuchiri." So I will treat you the same way no matter who you actually are in the real world. I will do everything I can to repay what you have done for me, so keep your eyes on me... please.
Agree Sure.
Oath Me...? Are you serious? Huh? Embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed?! I just think someone is being too hasty with their decision, like the idiot who gobbled up food without even looking at it and then regretting it too late when it tasted awful. Even now, there is no backing out for you... I won't give you the chance. This ring is mine now.
Obtain I am Sueyoi, mineral sampler Doll from 42Lab. Give me assignments as you see fit.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Does this... really work?
Neural Expansion I will catch up to her, I swear.
Max Neural Expansion
Now I'm worthy of your attention, right?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Me? Sure, I'll complete the mission, I promise.
Battle Start Phew... Off I go.
Ultimate Skill You're not needed here.
MVP1 ... See, I can actually do it.
MVP2 Thank you for having faith in me, Professor.
Retreat No... I can't let the Professor down.
Right, I'll get it done.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas I often wonder if the deities that humans worship actually exist. Do people also mark and celebrate the births of these beings that were so mighty and formidable in the days of old?
Halloween You're joining in the festivities, Professor? You didn't actually have to put on makeup. You look perfect for Halloween after working overtime.
New Year Will I still get to stay by your side this time next year? No... I just feel... very grateful... that you're letting me stay.
Tanabata Origami and embroidery, huh... I don't really know how to do either, but I carved this pendant from a fire opal. I hope you'll like it.
Valentine Are you free today, Professor? I want to visit the museum with you. I'll take that as a yes. I'll go and prepare for the trip then. I look happy? Hmm, is it so obvious...?
Player's Birthday There's no point for either humans or Dolls to celebrate their birthdays, is there? I don't really understand why we keep making a fuss about being a year closer to our demise. Isn't it better to spend this day on self-maintenance to prolong our existence? If I must say something to wish you well... I hope you won't be decommissioned too soon, and I hope I'll be there with you until the very end.