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P290 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition P290,代号“钴蓝”。用哪个名字称呼?按您的喜好来就好,不管您用哪个名字叫我,我都会出现。 Play I'm P290, also known as "Cobalt". You want to know which one I prefer? That's up to you. I will respond to whichever one you use.
Secretary 您希望我去调查最近在基地中四处做好事的神秘人形?唔,我建议还是终止调查吧,那位人形也许并不想被人知道。 Play You want me to investigate the mysterious Doll who's been secretly doing good deeds in and around the base? I recommend that you call off the investigation. After all, that Doll doesn't wish their identity to be known.
包上的挂饰?是P226给的,顺手挂上了包而已。为什么要送给我?这个……算是我和她的秘密吧,以后再告诉您。 Play This dangle on my bag? P226 gave it to me, so I put it on my bag because why not? You want to know why she gave it to me? That... is a secret between the two of us. I'll tell you about it some other time.
只要是我能帮上忙的任务,我都愿意去执行……可是,帮您寻找掉入某个缝隙中的一只袜子什么的,还是放过我吧…… Play I'm willing to carry out any tasks that I can help with... but please excuse me from doing stuff like helping you retrieve a sock that's fallen into a tiny crevice and so on.
Secretary (post OATH)
Shadowlord, where shall we go today? Understood. Please shelter me as I blend into the shadows to complete the mission I have been assigned.
So you were one of the wandering shadows too. Does this mean you've been protecting me all this time? I see. I will regard you as the Master of Shadows, and when nobody is around, I will call you "Shadowlord"... Please continue to show me where I should go, so I may rescue those trapped souls under the protection of the shadows.
Greeting 在您休息的期间,P226又和M9吵架了,有1个黑影企图闯入厨房但被G36及时擒住,救助站今日开展了大扫除……每日报告不用说这么细吗? Play While you were resting, P226 got into an argument with M9, a shadowy figure tried to invade the kitchen but was captured by Gr G36, the rescue station began their spring cleaning today... Do I not need to go into such detail for my daily reports?
T-Doll Produced 感应到了新的气息。 Play I'm sensing new information.
Joining an echelon 我会关注你们每个人的动向的。 Play I will monitor all your actions.
Enhancement 新的强化补丁已安装。 Play The new enhancement patch has been installed.
Dummy-linking 能够在同一时间前往的空间变多了,但是破绽也变大了…… Play I can be in more places at once, but my weak spots have also multiplied.
Logistics (start) 探索未知的领域吗?我并不害怕,因为阴影会庇护我…… Play Exploring unknown territories? I'm not afraid, because the shadows will protect me...
Logistics (end) 一切都很顺利,战利品已经移交仓库了。 Play Everything went well. The spoils have been delivered to the warehouse.
Autobattle 明白,我将按您的命令行事。 Play Understood, I will proceed as you have ordered.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 跟着我,融入影子中…… Play Come blend into the shadows with me...
Starting a battle 只要存在,就会有破绽。 Play If they exist, they have weaknesses.
Skill activation 不过是浪费时间! Play This is just a waste of time!
黑暗是我的盟友! Play Darkness is my ally!
跟随我,一起上! Play Everyone, with me!
Heavily damaged 钴蓝……被打败了吗…… Play Has Cobalt... been defeated...
Retreat 即便如此,也不要被敌人的阴影吞噬…… Play Even so, I don't want to be swallowed up by the enemy's shadows...
MVP 理应为您献上的胜利。 Play This victory belongs to you.
Restoration 稍微离开一会,有事的话您仍然可以呼唤我。 Play I'll be away for a bit. You can still call me if there's anything.
Attack 集中火力! Play Focus fire!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 我讨厌这样的节日,每个人都将真面目遮挡住,即便获取到有价值的信息,也难以和本人对应上。不如回去睡觉算了。 Play I hate occasions like these. Everyone hides their faces, so even if I obtain valuable information about someone, it's difficult to match it up to the actual person. I might as well go home and sleep.
Christmas 您桌上的这份无名礼物是谁送的?我不知道。虽然今天是我值班,但并没有看见是谁放的。监、监控?!真是不巧,它刚刚坏掉了。 Play You want to know who put this anonymous gift on your table? I don't know. Yes, I was on duty, but I didn't see who put it there. Y-you want to check the security cameras?! What a shame, they just broke.
New Year's Day 新年快乐,指挥官,这是钴蓝为您献上的祝福。红包就不必给我了,留给那些更需要的人形们吧。


Happy New Year, Commander. This is Cobalt's blessing for you. You don't need to give me a red packet. Save it for those Dolls who need it more.
Valentine's day 为什么喜欢一个人的表达方式是送巧克力呢?当然是要成为对方的影子,如影随形,才是极致的浪漫……


Why do we give chocolates to the people we like? Becoming your partner's shadow and following their every step is the ultimate romance...
Tanabata 如果我也能拥有使唤喜鹊的力量,我的视野范围一定比现在更广阔……唔,我没有在说什么。


If I had the ability to summon magpies as well, I'm sure I'd have a much broader field of vision... Ahem, I said nothing.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 保护素体! Play Protect yourselves!
Phrase 我就在这里,您的身边。 Play I'm here, by your side.
Tip 嘘——指挥官,不要惊扰到这场决斗……谁和谁?那个瘦小的是救助站的黑猫,那个胖一些的是外面的橘猫,我已经等待这场战斗很久了。 Play Shhh—Commander, don't disturb this showdown... Who's fighting who? The skinny one is a black cat from the Rescue Station, while the fat one is a tabby cat from the outside. I've been waiting a long time to witness this battle.
Loading 在等待的时候可以假装自己是木头人,要试试吗? Play You can disguise yourself as an escape log while you're waiting. Want to try it?